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Bunny Buddy!

$1 /mo
You are now an official Bunny Buddy of the PenMark Club!
-You will get your custom signed digital-badge to prove your bunny status!


Super Bunny!

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You are now a Bunny Buddy WITH A CAPE!

-See the sketches and artwork I post on here

-Access to the Q&A Livestream

-Your Art Shuffle prize will be upgraded to include a background!

Mmmega Bunny!

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Your rabbit-powers are reaching a higher level!!!

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$30 /mo
♫ It's our hero, Ultraaa Bun! ♫
Your fluff could defeat a kaiju!

-Access to bonus artwork and content
-Access to the exclusive Q&A Livestream
-Automatic entry into t...

Supreme BunBun!

$50 /mo
You're approaching Light-speed!!! How do you maintain such perfect fluff?!?

-Access to All the previous tier rewards mentioned

-You will get a Private Chat with me eac...