Penn Johnson is creating higher vibrations

Welcome to the Barbaloot Tribe

$1 /mo
For only $1 a month you'll get access to the patron-only feed where I post all sorts of weird groovy stuff.

New Song Sneek Peeks

$3 /mo
I'll share rough cuts of the new songs I'm working on as they come up. Expect silly videos and rambles for days.

*along with all previous rewards

Poet Didn't Know It

$5 /mo
I'll post occasional poems and reflections as inspiration comes to me. Access to digital downloads of all my released music thus far and several songs unavailable anywhere else.

*along wit...

Penn wrote a book?

$15 /mo
I'll send you a copy of my journal of my time abroad in Australia. hundreds of pages of Jack Kerouac(ish) rambles, transcribed conversations, and crazy hitch-hiking adventures.

*and all pre...


No Such Thing as Too Many T Shirts

$20 /mo
I'll send you a Penn Johnson t shirt to rock for bed time, show time, beach time, or wherever you want.

*and all previous rewards

A Personal Penn-Cooked Vegan Meal

$44 /mo
Every time I'm touring near or through your town (within reasonable distance) I'll cook you a one-of-a-kind vegan meal

*and all previous rewards

Tarot Reading & 2 Guest List Spots

$111 /mo
two guest list spots to a headlining show

a several-card-spread in depth tarot reading

*and all other rewards

FREE Private House Concert (anywhere in the world)

$555 /mo
no matter where you are, I'll come and play a private show for you, your friends, your ex-girlfriend, your best bud, etc. You have to be signed up for 3 months before you can claim this one, but it...