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You'll receive a big "thank you" from our developer team for supporting us. We can list your name on our credit page for supporters, if you want to.  
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In addition to our thank you and the possibility to get listed on our credit page of supporters, you'll get access to an exclusive page where you can download special material from Pentaquin. (eg. wallpapers and soundtracks).
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In addition to the benefits above, you'll get early access to "Pentaquin - Deeds of Twilight" as soon as the game is available for early access testing. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to set a release date. The more donations we receive via Patreon, the more time we can dedicate for creating "Pentaquin"!




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Creating computer games is our passion.

Pentaquin is a small group of young people from all over Germany and Austria, creating the  "Pentaquin" computer game franchise.

We're currently working on our first  2D-Platformer Game "Pentaquin - Deeds of Twilight".

Who we are

At the moment Pentaquin is a fully voluntary project that is dependent on the unpaid work of our members. Our development team is an aspiring start-up software studio from Germany called 'Terovania'

In the long term we want to expand our Indie-Studio to be a financially independent game-developer with the help of the Pentaquin games.

Until that is the case we still have a rocky path ahead of us.
One that we can only go along through monetary support from our members and external supporters.

We are happy to receive your support

Currently we don't have any income with Pentaquin. It is quite the opposite: We run the project in our free time and try to invest as much of our private earnings as possible.

That's because the project is already somewhat expensive, month for month. This means: server costs, domains, software licenses, forensic and fiscal consulting, hardware... the list continues.

So in order to be able to realize our vision of the Pentaquin games we still have to rely on financial support.

We are thankful for every kind of support. Even if it is just 1$!

OST - Pentaquin - Deeds of Twilight

You can already listen to the first demo songs of the eventual Pentaquin soundtrack: You can download the full Pentaquin soundtrack along with some beautiful desktop wallpapers if you decide to support us with at least $4 per month here at Patreon!

Our DevBlog

Every month we give our best in order to publish as much views behind our scenes as possible by writing our monthly DevBlog. Unfortunately, it's only available in German language at the moment.

You can click on the teaser images below if you'd like to learn more about our work during the past months:


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$13 of $20 per month
When we reach $20 per month we can afford the costs for one of our two development servers. As a result, we could spend more money for building the "Pentaquin" game itself!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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