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People + Bodies is a weekly love letter from me to you.

That's it! 

Well, not exactly. In this newsletter I touch on a lot: motherhood, love, parenting, family, friendship, music, pain, cooking, baking, books, podcasts, politics, politicians, grief — you get the picture. I touch on life.

I also include a super extensive list of links in three categories: READ; LISTEN + WATCH; and DO.

includes books and articles. LISTEN + WATCH includes podcasts, interviews and music. DO always has actionable items — calling a rep, donating money, volunteering. I cull these from the very overwhelming world wide web so that you, my friend, don't have to.

I love hearing back from my readers and always take the time to respond.

While this started as a passion project — and continues to be! — receiving your support will enable me to give it a little bit more time and attention, and I am grateful for every ounce of love (and money).

To that end, I'm only asking for one level of support: $3/month. It's like buying me one cup of coffee! Or a croissant! Or a very, very cheap ice cream! Think of it like you would your beloved NPR: it's free to all (I am a socialist at heart, people), but — as a freelance writer — your tiny monthly support goes A LONG WAY.

Thank you all, loves. xox

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