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About peramene

A Reality Roleplaying Game is an immersive, persistent universe in which many players take on the roles of their characters over the course of weeks or months and actively participate in an evolving story which revolves around all of them. It would not be inaccurate to think of them as something of an MMO-Tabletop-RPG. While originally designed to take "15 minutes a day", the persistent nature of the game more often means that players dedicated hours per day to the stories we tell together within the worlds I've created. They live, fight, love, and die entirely because of their own actions within that world. 

The first three RRGs were hosted privately on the SomethingAwful forums. Their stories were set in a loose rendition of the Myst universe and are commonly referred to within the Mafia community as "peraMyst", but as more people host RRGs I'm hoping the acronym catches on!

There are some pretty big obstacles to overcome on my end, and this Patreon encourages me to push through the rough spots. Thank you for your support!

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