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About Rupert Young

Robotics for the masses!

I love to create things, especially robots, and would like others to join me in a global network of builders of intelligent robots. I am passionate about understanding the most complex structure in the universe, the human brain! For many years I have been investigating how the mind works and have come across the simple principles on which the human mind operates. With my background and interest in technology I have developed a platform to replicate these principles in artificial systems to build adaptive and intelligent robots.

Conventional robotics have misunderstood how behaviour works and the real-world robots built are clumsy and stupid. I want to change that and leap-frog current technology and build a community of roboticists and supporters to develop this approach which will not only allow us to build sophisticated artificial systems but also to understand ourselves.

If you thought robotics was difficult and complicated think again. It doesn’t need complex mathematics and you don’t need a PhD. The fundamentals are quite simple and you actually do them everyday without realising.

For more technical details of my approach see my recent paper published in the Artificial Life journal "A General Architecture for Robotics Systems: A Perception-Based Approach to Artificial Life," June, 2017. The work is based upon an amazing, simple and parsimonious theory of how living systems work called Perceptual Control Theory, originally developed by the American physicist and engineer William T. Powers.

Many thanks for joining me in this great project!

I intend to make this site free for students. So, if you're a student and would like access to the site and resources send me a message directly and I'll add you to the list.

Apart from robotics I have many other interests including Salsa dancing, Tap dancing, cycling, human rights and Space. The above paper I wrote while cycling 1,800 kms (1,100 miles) down the west coast of India from Mumbai to the southern tip at Kanyakumari.

Our future is in Space. At some point I would like to form a worldwide community of Space fans to support and advocate space travel for all the people of Earth. Not just the robots!

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An integral part of my robots projects will be to produce high-quality videos of the robots and the talks I give for patrons to view. Although my smart phone is useful some proper video and audio recording equipment and editing software would really be needed to create good videos. Reaching this goal will allow me to purchase the necessary equipment.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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