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Welcome to Percys Grow Rooms Patreon Page

Percys Grow Room is a cannabis growers forum and community. We make simple to follow guides on how to grow cannabis for personal use, to bring people access to their own, safe, clean cannabis.

I started this site, back in November 2018, just to see how I could do. I wanted to build a new cannabis growers forum, that had great info, and a good community. Since then, I have invested a lot of time, and money into Percys Grow Room, and it has grown to levels I never thought possible!

Our cannabis growers forum, has built a great community, with some amazing people as the backbone. It is no longer my site, it belongs to all of us. 

I want to keep the forum free to use, and ad free, so this means I have to cover the costs of running the site, upgrades, and competitions myself, which, I am happy to do so. 

But, members of the community, and users of the website, have expressed how they would like to be able to help out when, and where they can, by donating some money into a pool, to help with the costs of running such massive site. 

So, here is our Patreon page, where members can contribute to the upkeep of the site, and help bring upgrades sooner, and more competitions with amazing prizes. 

We greatly appreciate the support of you, our members. Whether financially, or as an active member of the forum. There is no pressure to donate here, just do, and give what you can, Percy will do the rest. 
$75 - reached! per month
Mobile Apps are not cheap! But the majority of people now use mobiles to visit websites, so all good websites should have their own app, for the best user experience possible.

This is the site I am thinking of using, to build our app:

You can see the pricing plan. The plan I think would be best for us ( as it will put our app on Iphone and Android) would be the gold package, but that is £60 a month, or £600 for the whole year. 

If this is something you think we should go for, and you would like to see an official Percys Grow Room mobile app, then you can help us reach this goal quicker, by donating to this pool.

The app will come, it's just a matter of time. Any money raised here, will be put towards the running costs of the mobile app, and bring it to us quicker. 

Check out the link, have a look at what the app has to offer. I think this is the right one for us. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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