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Hey everyone, this is PHI, and I make videos about playtesting videogames and game design.

I've had a lifelong interest in game design, but it was only recently that I realized the tremendous need for high-quality playtesting and feedback in the world of indie and amateur game development. We all know making videogames is massively popular now, and more accessible than ever before. But although it's easy today to get into making games, for the vast majority of indie devs there are still significant barriers standing in the way of making them good

I realized I had the ability to provide game developers a fresh and informative point of view on how well things were working in their projects by creating playtest videos. In these videos I record myself experiencing developer's games for the first time and provide a voice-over describing my thoughts as I play through the game, both as a player and as a designer. I enter with the intention of providing the most constructive suggestions and criticisms possible, as my videos always have one goal: to help game developers make their games better.

Hundreds of videos (and lots of enthusiastic feedback!) later, and I feel like I've made a small but significant impact on the world of game development. But, I want to do more.

I don't even know how many hours I've put into this stuff already, but it's hard to put a price on the experiences I've gained and things I've learned (not to mention the good feels from helping someone out). Unfortunately though, time is a limited and valuable resource. With Patreon and your contribution, I can keep making these videos, I can make more videos, and I can do more to help more people not just make games but make great games.

All of my videos will always be freely available for everyone on Youtube. Patreon gives me the opportunity to take my "hobby" and make it something I can afford to do with my time, instead of having to move on to other things ( :( ). I hope it goes without saying that I appreciate it!

Please feel free to visit my Youtube channel to get an idea of my work!


Are these let's plays or reviews?
No, neither. They are "playtests" and the distinction is kinda important. All my videos feature games in development and the goal is simply to show the developer how the current playing experience is from another point of view as well as provide feedback that can help them to improve it. I don't do anything to rate the game or compare it in overall quality to others.

For how long will you playtest my game?
There is no target time for video or playtest length. Generally it depends on the game. I play until I feel like I have done the game justice. Smaller games may receive shorter videos. In more concrete terms, most videos end up between 25 minutes and 1 hour+. I cannot guarantee that I will finish the full length of your demo or play to a certain point; sorry! However, if you find the video unsatisfactory in any way, I'll make it right.

So my game's playtest video will go on Youtube?
Yes, all playtest videos I make go straight to my (unmonetized) Youtube channel. Some people (believe it or not) enjoy watching them so it can bring a little more attention to your game and adds a bit of value for you to the playtest experience. If for some reason you don't want your playtest video public on my channel, talk to me about it.

Sounds neat, but my game isn't far enough along yet.
I've playtested games that were days into development and I've playtested games that were days away from release. I completely understand the desire to keep things under wraps until you have something you're proud to show off. However, I personally believe that getting feedback EARLY is crucial, as that's when a game is most malleable and many of the big decisions are still being made. Games further in development are often "stuck in their ways" at that point, as too much work has already been done to be able to go back and change things. Don't be afraid of feedback! As long as it's playable and there's something to talk about I'm happy to give it a playtest.

Soo does that mean my game is too far along for this...?
No, of course not. There are always more changes that can be made. Always. Sometimes adjusting a hitbox can transform how an entire game feels.

I'm new to this (and/or) my game isn't good enough...
I've playtested games that were someone's first attempt at game development as well as games from seasoned developers, teams, and people with big successful kickstarters. They all are approached exactly the same way. I do my best to show you ways your project can be improved. Even the most impressive games receive constructive criticisms and you'll find the tone is exactly the same as with more humble projects. Check out my existing videos to get an idea how things go down.

One playtest per month isn't enough!
Keep in touch; we'll work something out. This whole Patreon format is something of a work in progress.

I want a playtest but I don't want to use Patreon
Contact me!

I'm worried I won't be satisfied/I'm not satisfied with what I received. What can I do?
I have no interest in dishonest work. If you're in any way unsatisfied with my service please contact me and I'll make it right. If it means giving a simple refund then it will be done, no hassle, no problem. Thankfully, most have been pretty happy so far! Again please check out the existing videos on my Youtube channel to get an idea of what I can offer you.

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