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  • A blurb: about my personal life. I won't bore you with the details, but you'll get a bit of insight into the life I'm living.
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Some Insight:
Hi there! My name is Lawrence Hu, a college student that's currently writing his way though life. I began The Perfect Ideal on a 2-hour plane ride from St. Louis to Denver in late 2016. What started as a bumbling mess of thoughts and best-case scenarios slowly transformed into what is the blog today: my perspective on what kind of life I want to live. Soon, I was able to incorporate things that I also had enthusiasm about, such as photography and graphic design. 

TPI is something of a creative blend.

It's meant to make you take a breather from the greater marathon of life, reconsider your situation, and evaluate any changes needed while simultaneously presenting you with a new perspective from someone you wouldn't otherwise have acknowledged the existence of.

A beautiful layout, flowing writing, and my favorite photos I've taken between blog posts are supposed to stimulate your right brain while the left is forced to ask the same questions I've asked myself about your own life. This blog suggests taking a step back and daydream a little bit about what your ideal life would look like and what values you hold in high regard. What I do is put my own version of it into words.

I also enjoy exploring the topic of mental health through articles like Hollow Shells and Happy Pills, self-improvement through the new series Harder Ways, and legacy through memories about my own upbringing, like Incipience and A Dedication.

The Perfect Ideals explores the topics of life experience, minimalism, and what kind of legacy you want to leave. Everything on the website has been my own work, and I will continue to keep it a one-man machine for as long as it's alive.

TPI hasn't taken off yet, but I'm not going to upset if it doesn't. However many people read it is merely dessert on the dish that is my creative outlet. In other words, creating these works is refreshing on its own -- having people enjoy is just the icing on the cake. Each post takes about 10 hours to complete. Between the initial writing stage, rewriting it, and compiling the photographs and designs for the post, blogging is an endurance test.

The Perfect Ideal is something that I want to invest in. Time, energy, and money all go into making a dream a reality. However, I can't do this alone. Ideas and perspectives, funding, and motivation are all limited resources. With the help of Patreon, I can pull from the collective minds of my readers in order to create something that everyone will feel connected to. 

What the Money Goes Toward:
Unfortunately, nothing in this world is free. My initial goal is $50 per paid article or written essay. Each paid article will be based on reader suggestion and I will host discussions in a private conference call based on each topic. 

This small income will be enough to make TPI sustainable in a way that will let me grow the blog:
- Hosting: just isn't professional. My first goal is to pay for a domain name that looks and reads professionally. Also, I'll have an email server just for communicating with my audience.
- A redesigned website: a free WordPress template just isn't going to cut it, especially by today's standards for originality. One of the goals of the website is to have a minimalist, modern design that will be appealing for all eyes to see and allow for the reader to focus on the creative output of the blog. 
- Living: as a college student that's dependent on my parents, money isn't terribly easy to come by. As I have no time for a part-time job, this will be something of an occupation for me, so it will help me survive in this money-driven world.

And finally,
- Producing a book: 
becoming a published author has been a lifelong dream of mine. As I grow older, I'd like to self-publish a short psychology-influenced book that explores how nurture influences our thinking and how growing up as an Asian-American has impacted my life.
Thank you so much for stopping by my Patreon page. This means a lot to me: that you would even consider supporting my work monetarily. Whether you decide to or not, I'll continue making those neurons fire.

Lawrence Hu.
$27 of $36 per written essay.
This goal is for a personal premium subscription to Wordpress for a custom domain name, more storage, and additional features. 
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