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Thank you very much for supporting us. This is not really a reward, but you can now enable Adblock on our website. Yeah, we know you probably have it enabled already, but it's ok. Now, you can keep it enabled and NOT feel guilty. In fact, 1$/ month is  way more than you would have allowed us to earn with Adblock disabled!




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About Perfectly Nintendo

First of all, thank you for checking out our Patreon campaign. It doesn’t matter if you came here simply out of curiosity, or if you’re really interested in helping us out: the very fact that you’re here reading this means a lot to us.

We need your help

The reason we launched this Patreon is because we need your help. Right now, we do have several people on our team, but only one full-time writer: myself (Lite Agent). A significant amount of time is spent working on the website (writing posts, updating pages, etc.), pretty much every week day (and week-ends), including on public holidays.

However, this does not include a significant amount of extra time spent every day looking up for news / sources, covering special events (such as E3, or Nintendo Direct), and more. This is often done at odd hours (very early in the morning, or in the middle of the night), and more and more often during week-ends.

Short story short: Perfectly Nintendo is, for me, a full-time commitment.

What’s wrong?

Our current problem is not the amount of work or time spent working on the website (far from it: we enjoy every single minute of it), but rather how much the website allows us to earn.

Right now, ad revenue is ridiculously low (it literally took us months to get our first payment). So low that even getting a part-time job to help compensate would not be nearly enough. The only thing it would do is reduce the amount of free time to work on content for the website.

This would not be an option either, as I personally want to work full time on the website, and provide the best coverage (humanly) possible. I have been writing about the video game industry, and Nintendo in particular, for almost 11 years. Being an active part of it all, not just a passive fan, is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, and something that I am not ready to give up on.

While it definitely sounds a bit (lot?) pretentious, our aim is to make Perfectly Nintendo a reference for Nintendo-related news and content. We’re quite aware we’re nowhere near that status, but with your support, we will strive to turn that pretentious statement into reality.

It’s for this very reason that we need your help.

What will the Patreon money be used for?

Our immediate goal is, quite simply, to keep writing new content for Perfectly Nintendo. Our finances are not really improving, and our previous call for help has had a limited effect so far.

Therefore, our Patreon campaign will be in two parts:

1) the first one will be about renewing hosting + domain (about 161.84€)
2) the second one will start when the first has been completed. It will be about further improving our coverage, with more and better articles and features. We have several things in the works, including a mobile app, a refresh of the website, more translations, and more. Unfortunately, (almost) all of this requires help from external contributors, so it might take time for those plans to come to fruition.

Why no rewards?

We've thought a long time about possible rewards for our patrons, and decided we wouldn't have any (at least, no content-related rewards). The reason for this is that we do not really have the time to write extra content, and we do not wish to restrict access to said content (even temporarily, as content always end up posted somewhere else on the internet, like forums for example).

We want our content to remain accessible to everyone, patrons or not. We want you to support us because you enjoy what we do, and would like us to keep going, improve, and keep going some more. Not because you want to join some super elite club or anything.

Keeping our content completely free is something we do not want to go back on, ever.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for support!
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With this, we will be able to keep working on the website without losing any money (since ad-revenue is virtually non-existent right now).
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