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This reward tier is for patrons who have a story the would like to share on the Love Period podcast. This can be about menstruation, pregnancy stories, first period stories, etc. I also would like for men to share their versions of these occurences. Meaning how they experienced pregnancy from their point of view, or being in a house with women, etc. 




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About Perky

Hmm, I feel you have landed on my Patreon page to see why people call me Perky!! And well its because I am a whole bunch of crazy, but fun haha. Ever since I was little I have been told to calm down and stop talking. Well, now I have decided that that is impossible so instead I will make it my job. 

I am a West Coast native, specifically from Los Angeles, but I now reside in Brooklyn, New York. I work by day as a social worker, and podcast creator by night. I hope to do more community work through my podcast and eventually become full time. I have so many wonderful, spunky, and perky rants and ideas to share with you!!

The first podcast created by Perky Perspectives is the Love Period podcast. The Love Period podcast stems from the Love Period LLC. The Love Period project is a movement primarily created to address the muted experiences of women who have to struggle in silence and endure the pain associated with their menstrual cycles. This includes dealing with the sometimes limited access to products that aid women with these experiences. It is here to give women a platform to address and educate others about their muted experiences. We also strive to make this movement inclusive of men to be more understanding, sensitive, and knowledgeable of these experiences for women. The ultimate goal is to end the stigma surrounding the menstrual cycle. Women shouldn't have to feel ashamed, embarrassed or silenced of this topic, nor should we have to tolerate negative language such as calling it, "The Curse". The Love Period project is Empowerment, educational, and breaking ground. 

The Perky Perspectives: Love Period podcast is used to give a platform to women for their stories to be shared. But while this podcast can be educational it is also very important in normalizing experiences. Be mindful that adult language is used, and the experiences come from people of color with the target audience usually being people of color. Alongside the women, I will have men visiting, such as in episode 2 Fatherly Love. I will also have people from the LGBT community visit. The Love Period podcast plans to expand and grow around topics of women's health while keeping up with current events.

Every topic, even the tough ones, are presented in entertaining ways. Host provokes guest to say things that most of us only dare think. But remember we are all learning and on the path of maturity together! One of the main goals though, is to promote wellness, health, and self-care! Please comment and leave feedback.
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Invest in a high quality microphone. The goal is to travel nationally and eventually internationally, while bringing the studio with me where ever I venture to. I want to be able to interview people on the spot, while delivering more content to my patrons! Networking and beautiful moments happen unscheduled, and I want to be able to capture them. 
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