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To access my guides, you need only access them. Contribute whatever you think you can that you feel my work deserves. Patreon's minimum contribution is $1.

I love all of you for any support you can provide. We all do what we can to make a living so you contributing any bit of your livelihood to support mine means a lot.

Supporting me at this tier also grants you a Patrons role in the League of Noobs Discord server with access to a special, Patrons-only channel.

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You will have your name displayed at the end of every guide released after supporting me at this level, showing the world that you too are a Noob and you love it!

(Includes Can't Stop, Won't Stop rewards.)

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Welcome to my Patreon!
I'm glad you found your way here! Let me show you around. I am the Perpetual Noob. I have been a "noob" since I started playing video games and I think that's great. I'll never stop learning about the video games I play. I love learning how to finally defeat that really tough boss or how to navigate that labyrinth and I want to help others learn too by sharing my knowledge, experience, and joy of video games with you. To me, everyone is a Noob in some way and that's wonderful.

What is my Patreon?
I want my Patreon to be the funding engine for my YouTube Channel and my plan for my YouTube channel is singularly focused: make in-depth guides for the games that I love.

An example of one of my more recent guides:

Why Patreon?

The goal is to be able to make my videos ad free. No one besides ad agencies likes ads: I have no control over them and they clog up our viewing experience. This Patreon exists to make the experience I give you as unadulterated and welcoming as possible.

I will continue creating the content that I want to watch. I will continue to make guides and keep them accessible to everyone. Even the progress updates, production insights, and teasers are available to all (though Patrons will get all of this content 1 week earlier than the public). I will never badger you for money or hold my guides for ransom. Calls to look at this Patreon will be found in video descriptions, a tweet or two, my Instagram bio, and places like that. I will not alter the content I produce because you don't want to be advertised to and I don't want to dilute my content with advertisements.

What You Get as a Patron:
As a Patron, you will gain 1 week early access to tons of progress updates, production insights, and teasers.
If you patronize me at the $5 Tier, you will be immortalized in the credits of every subsequent guide from when you started at that Tier.
If you support me at the $10 Tier, I will give you a personal shout out during the credits of the first guide completed after supporting at this level.
If you'd like some private, one-on-one tutoring from me once a month, please consider patronizing me at the $50 Tier.
Each successive Tier contains all preceding Tier rewards. 

I would love to be able to make a living producing in-depth game guides for you, all the while expanding the library of games covered with my in-depth content and improving my production quality.

Thank you for stopping by and for your continued support, however that manifests.

Patreon banner created by the incredible Irascor:
$52.42 of $1,000 per month
Stronger, Better, Faster Equipment
Reaching $1000 means that I can invest in new equipment:
  • a computer dedicated to storage, recording, and editing, capable of rendering guides much faster than my current system, storing every single frame at the highest quality possible and don't need to store footage on an ever-increasing hoard of external hard drives
  • higher quality audio equipment: upgrade to an xlr microphone, a pre-amp, and a mixer for clearer narration
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