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Find out how lifestyle choices affect your health.  One extra post a month.

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Which conditions do you need to rush to the hospital?  And while you're waiting for an ambulance, what else can you do?  One extra post a month to make you disaster ready.  Includes: Everyday Health.

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What would happen if you did that thing you know you shouldn't?  Find out through this extra post a month so that you don't have to find out from experience.  Includes: Everyday Health and Emergency Awareness.



About The World Inside YOU

Hello!  Call me Joanna.

Since you're here, you must already know about my blog.  So what's this Patreon page for? 

Have a look at my list of goals or read my GoFundMe story.  I have huge plans for The World Inside YOU.  This page is an extra way for me to earn the money I need to make them happen.  And to be honest, part of me just wanted an excuse to dig into the topics I'm going to post about here.  I love medicine.  It's fascinating and amazing and just brilliant! I can't get enough of it. I hope you agree.

So this page is for people like me who want to go the extra mile in their personal medical education.  Want to know how different lifestyle choices affect your health?  This page is for you.  Want to learn how to recognise (and deal with) medical  emergencies?  This page is for you. Were you the one who volunteered to do extra-credit research projects?  Welcome to your world.

Tier by tier, I'll dive deep into the literature to answer every health-related question all of us can think of.  So when you become a Patron, you'll help me build The World Inside YOU and get access to as much extra medical knowledge as you want.

If you'd like to support me but you'd rather just give a one-off donation, I have a GoFundMe. But if you want to come along on this curiosity-indulging adventure with me, I'd be honoured to have you as my Patron.

Welcome to The VIP Lounge of The World Inside YOU and thank you for your support,

Joanna xx

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