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Wtf is this?

I'm Pervert Pete, the YouTube Omegle Legend. Ive been making people laugh (unintentionally) for over 7 years now, but in February of 2019, I was abruptly kicked off of YouTube, as you can see below:

I will continue to make videos, without a doubt! It will be much more difficult but much more unrestricted since I can do ANYTHING I want now on my various websites such as, then there's my YouTube channels and also as my alter ego, Gary Gabagool on his site but the downside is it will be so much harder to get in front of peoples eyes because of not being promoted on YouTube.

Why The Hell We Here On Patreon?
Since my original channel got terminated on YouTube, my income as a content creator has been reduced by 99%, because not only did I lose any ad revenue, but I lost my sponsorships. And being that I am no longer as big as I was on YouTube, its gonna be much more difficult to get new sponsors and ad partners.

This Patreon is a way for me to continue to bring you the content I love to make and you love to watch. I'm NEVER gonna censor myself, I refuse to change who I am and what I have built over 6 years of dedication to my fan base. I don't know whats gonna happen in the future but I do know I have the greatest fan base and I owe it to you peeps to continue doing what I love to do, how we want it done :)

Anything you can pledge is a huge help & ALWAYS appreciated! 

6 of 69 patrons
When we have 69 Patreon Patron Members, I will be able to invest more time and money into the Pervert Pete Show, as well as the Gary Gabagool brand (and I have a ton of ideas for both brands!), so that means: New content, upgraded equipment, more videos, podcasts & live shows.
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