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Support me to help me finish the comic ready for publishing. Comic pages available weeks before they go online for free, as well as behind the scenes details.

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All comic pages published as they are drawn, as well as behind the scenes images and writing. 

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About Pesky Chloe

Hey there,

Welcome to my Patreon page. My name is Chloe, I've been writing and drawing since I was a teenager and wanted to be like my two brothers.

I started writing fan fiction and drawing fan art more recently, and pieces have fallen into place for the piece of work I've always wanted to create; a graphic representation of my love story.

My husband is quadriplegic, and I'm always frustrated at the lack of content, of any kind, about disabled people in healthy, happy relationships. That's us in my profile picture, with one of our cats. It's one of the first things I drew, before I decided the characters wouldn't be us.

The story...

Philip is an outwardly cheerful, inwardly insecure, teenager. He plays rugby, studies hard, and volunteers at the local hospital, all of which he does for the sake of applying to university.

While volunteering, he finds out someone he played a match against in the past is in the spinal unit after an accident. He goes to visit, and their friendship begins, before developing into one of mutual respect and admiration.


Based mainly on me meeting my husband, I decided to make the two teenagers involved boys to give some distance from our own story - however many details are the same, and a lot of research has gone into background details.

It's not always an easy-going story, but it has a happy ending, and his injury is permanent, I feel these things are important to know in advance. It's also rated as 'Teen and up' due to language used and implied sexual relationships. Nothing is NSFW however, it's not that kind of 'graphic' novel.

What I offer

This Patreon will publish pages as and when I draw them, usually at least 2 a week, available more quickly the higher your tier is. It will also show some behind the scenes stuff, some extra details, stories, influences, some patron only, and some public.

Higher tier patrons will also get exclusive deals on any merchandise I might create such as artwork or badges, and will also get a discount when and if the physical copy becomes available.

Why Patreon?

A lot of people have expressed interest in what I'm doing and wishing to support me. The message getting out is important to me, which is why content is available for free so it’s accessible to everybody, which is why I’ve added a ‘support’ only tier for $1 a month..

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me! I can't wait for you to take this journey with me.
49% complete
If I reach this amount, I will design an enamel pin for sale, and give all profits from its sale to the Spinal Injury Association
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