Ellie Beck is creating a book of poetry, stitched textile art, natural dye & photos

Sweet Creative Lover

$1 /mo
Thank you so much for supporting me. Every single bit helps. 

Thank you so much!

$3 /mo
I will be sharing my writing & words with you. You support will mean I am able to dedicate time to put towards focussing on my writing, and allowing the muse to visit me. 



Handmade Hand Written Cards

$5 /mo
You'll receive $3 'Thank You' reward, as well as a handmade card especially for you, sent each 3rd month of being a Patreon. This could be hand illustrated, hand sewn or eco-printed card. It will b...

My Book - Landscapes of me

$6 /mo
You will receive access to my online creative journal 'blog', where I'll share my words, essays, thoughts & ideas on being an artist, creative, slow-living, mama... and such. I'll give you snea...

Printed Photos - Mushrooms & more

$10 /mo
By making this pledge you are helping me to pay for getting my photos printed as art prints. This mushroom photo will be the first one available, more to come. 

Any amount that you pledge will b...


Handmade surprise gift!

$12 /mo
You'll receive the $3 'Thank you' reward, as well as each 3rd month a handmade by me gift. This might be a sewn pin cushion or eye pillow, a stitched brooch or..... it will be a surprise, but I'm q...

Textile work as thanks

$25 /mo
You'll receive the 'Thank you' $3 reward, as well as each 3rd month on Patreon I'll make a super special textile piece for you. It might be a small woven raffia basket, some hand stitched coasters ...

Oh my, you make me smile!

$50 /mo
You'll receive  the 'Thank you' $3 rewards, as well as every 3rd month I'll create a piece of unique textile art for you - this may be something I've been working on, or something that you'd like m...

Woven Artwork "Deep Within Her" (Payment plan)

$50 /mo
This woven wall hanging artwork was made using my hand dyed yarns, which I dye with plants, flowers, garden gatherings & kitchen scraps. 

This piece called "Deep Within Her" is about my daug...