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If you like the work I do across blogs, social media, columns, podcasts and so on, and you just want to show a small token of appreciation, this for you. It doesn't get you access to my Patreon wall or any of the other higher tier benefits, but I'll write you a quick email to thank your for your valuable support.  
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For the price of a decent pint of cask ale in Yorkshire, as well as my personal notes of thanks, this gives you access to my Patreon wall, which will show three or four new bits of content each month that won't be available anywhere else. These will include: 
  • Exclusive posts written just for Patrons
  • Longer versions of posts featured on my blog
  • A regular review of a Beer or Cider of the Month
  • Deleted scenes from books - the bits every writer loves but has to kill because they don't belong in that particular place. 
  • Photos from my beery travels with the stories behind them
  • 25% off tickets for all online events I organise independently
  • Other discounts as and when I can negotiate them.
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For the price of a pint in a London craft beer bar, you get all the benefits listed so far plus:
  • Advance notice on events I'm doing (physical or online) and - where I'm in control of tickets - first dibs on getting them, as well as discounts.  
  • A monthly half-hour beer and music matching session online (BYOB).
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About Pete Brown

Hello. I'm a freelance writer, broadcaster and consultant specialising in food and drink, especially the fun parts like good beer, great cider, fantastic pubs and the simple beauty of a good bacon roll. For the equivalent of whatever you feel comfortable spending on a visit to the bar, I'll be providing views, stories and insight that either won't be available anywhere else Orr will be available to Patrons before anyone else.    
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The point of this page is to supplement my income so that I can do more of the stuff I enjoy doing, and my followers enjoy reading or listening to, and less of the stuff that I don't really enjoy but have to do to pay the bills. On an ongoing basis, there's so much I want to write about but can't justify spending time on because it doesn't earn any money. So many ghost blog posts that never were! If I get to £500, I can commit to writing at least three blog or Patreon posts a month about stuff I want to dig into, and you hopefully want to hear about.
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