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About Pete Davison

Gaming history is important. And yet, even though our beloved medium is well over half a century old at this point, we're not great at acknowledging and celebrating that history in anywhere as near as much detail as we do for other forms of media such as movies, music and literature.

Sure, if you meander around the Internet, you can find any number of articles on the importance of Super Mario Bros. 3, or how good Chrono Trigger is. But what about the games that tend to slip through the cracks on their initial release? The games that, for one reason or another, pass by unnoticed, overlooked or underappreciated? Or even the whole platforms that tend to get lost to the mists of time?

My written and video projects aim to fill in these gaps. Through in-depth features in my day job at Rice Digital and Retrounite, my personal site and weekly YouTube videos, I champion the overlooked and underappreciated titles from throughout all of gaming history. And I've always taken pride in my ability to "find the good" in even titles that review score aggregators like Metacritic doom to a life of obscurity, or where adult content precludes them from even being acknowledged by the mainstream media.

And you can help! Through becoming a Patron, you acknowledge the importance of charting the history of all games, not just the ones everyone's heard of. You help keep my work clickbait-free -- which in today's world of heavily commercialised video games media is something worth supporting. And you help keep things up and running by contributing to the running costs of such an endeavour -- as well as adding to my collection of software and hardware to write and make videos about.

What I've achieved to date

  • Growth without obnoxious clickbait. Since launch, MoeGamer has grown from a small site with occasional essays about Japanese games and visual novels to a site with new articles every week and thousands of visitors every single day. All without baiting the audience in any way -- be that through withholding information from provocative headlines or attempting to stoke the fires of online outrage.
  • The support of smaller developers and publishers. My willingness to explore lesser-known titles in the same level of depth that large commercial sites would only dare devote to the latest big-ticket triple-A game has helped me secure fascinating opportunities such as early looks at upcoming games and interviews with the writers behind some of gaming's most interesting stories.
  • Critical analysis without judgement. My projects aren't about being buyer's guides or saying whether or not various games are "good". They're about exploring and celebrating the incredible range of creative works that the games industry has created over the years -- and acknowledging that even when a creator doesn't quite get something "right", it can still be interesting and worthy of note.
  • The most in-depth coverage you'll find on several subjects. You won't find a more detailed exploration of Gust's Atelier series anywhere else on the Internet; nor will you find anyone who has taken the time to go through all 150 games in the Atari Flashback Classics collection and give them a chance to shine; nor will you find more in-depth coverage of the games available for the Evercade retro gaming platform. And plenty more besides.

What I want to achieve

  • Self-sufficiency. I want MoeGamer and my video projects to be able to "pay for themselves". That means covering the expenses associated with keeping MoeGamer up and running, plus purchases of hardware and software to cover, along with equipment maintenance as required.
  • Multimedia offerings. I want my work to be available and accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Long-term, I want to be able to provide audio and video versions of my articles on MoeGamer alongside the YouTube-specific videos. At present, since I work on all this alongside a day job, that's not something I have enough time to be able to do alongside everything.
  • Publish my work physically. Whether it be in magazine or book form, I want my work covering these fascinating games to be available as some sort of collectible that enthusiasts of gaming history can proudly display on their shelves.

What you get out of all this

Since at the moment, my work on these projects takes up the majority of my free time, I am presently not able to offer huge rewards in exchange for your support -- I'd rather the time be invested into making things that everyone can enjoy -- I can offer a couple of token benefits for those of you kind enough to become a Patron.

  • Those supporting at the A-Rank tier (£1 or more a month) get behind-the-scenes personal blog posts where you can get to know me a bit better, and have the opportunity to chat directly with me in the comments about what's been going on.
  • Those supporting at the S-Rank tier (£5 or more a month) get access to the blog, plus monthly patron-exclusive videos.

On top of all that, you get the sense of satisfaction that you're helping a small, solo creator realise his ambitions -- as well as sticking it to clickbait-tastic, outrage-baiting mainstream media.

An important note

I started working full-time at Rice Digital and Retrounite in January of 2021, so updates on MoeGamer have been considerably less frequent since then -- primarily because a lot of the things I would have written on MoeGamer are now appearing on Rice Digital and Retrounite!

MoeGamer does still contain an enormous body of work, however, and it has associated running costs, so alongside support for the occasional articles I do still get time to post over there, your valuable and appreciated contributions here on Patreon help keep the site up and running for people to be able to read for many years to come.

All too many gaming sites on the Web have ended up being "impermanent", with some excellent writing and reference material lost to the mists of time. I want what I've written on MoeGamer to stick around, even if I'm not actively updating it as much as I used to. And you can help with that!

My video projects continue apace, meanwhile, and your support helps considerably with those, too!

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About Pete

Pete is an ageing Aspie gamer, and the editor of Rice Digital and Retrounite. whose previous work you may have seen regularly on as well as the sadly defunct GamePro, as well as occasionally on Glixel, IGN, Gamespot and He's been writing about games since he was a child, with his earliest articles appearing in print in UK Atari magazine Page 6/New Atari User, as well as PC Zone and the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine. He is presently the editor of Rice Digital, as well as the sole talent behind his own projects and Atari A to Z on YouTube.

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