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SHORT VERSION: Sign up to my Patreon for daily "#oneaday" personal blog updates ($1+) and/or monthly wallpapers themed after my MoeGamer site mascots Midori, Yumi and Penelope ($5+). (If you're here for the Atari goodtimes and have some good ideas for a suitable Atari-themed $5+ reward, let me know!)

In doing so, you're supporting me doing what I love -- creating content for a specific, underserved audience as well as my own enjoyment -- and also supporting independent games content creation in general.

Hello, good sir or madam, and welcome to my Patreon page. I am Pete Davison, a 38 year old experienced gaming writer with Asperger's whose previous work you may well have seen regularly on and the sadly defunct GamePro as well as occasionally on Glixel, IGN, Gamespot and GOG. I've been writing about games for well over 15 years now, with my earliest articles appearing in print in UK Atari magazine Page 6/New Atari User as well as PC Zone and the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine.

I have three main projects on the go! Let's look at each of them briefly.

MoeGamer is probably my "main" project; it's certainly the one that's been running the longest, that which occupies the majority of my time and that which I'm most proud of. It began in 2014 as a simple attempt to continue the "JPgamer" column I wrote on a weekly basis for USgamer, but has since blossomed into its own unique destination on the Web, highlighting a variety of overlooked and underappreciated games through a combination of deep-dive "Cover Game" features, long-term ongoing "Delving Into" explorationsone-shot articles and a semi-regular podcast. Plus a weekly celebration of the most awesome ladies in gaming! It is not a news site, a reviews site or even a blog; it is just MoeGamer, and I hope you like it!

MoeGamer is a specific attempt to avoid the model set by the current commercial games press. That means no ads, no clickbait, no faux outrage, no "political" content (except when the games in question specifically cover political concepts!) -- just honest, genuine, enthusiasm for games that don't get the attention they deserve, with a particular (though not exclusive) emphasis on modern console titles from our friends in Japan, written in long-form by someone with extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of gaming history.

Your support here on Patreon allows me to cover the site's basic running costs. Anything on top of that allows me to continue to invest in a wide variety of games to cover on MoeGamer, as well as the original hardware on which to enjoy them as intended. So every dollar -- yes, every dollar -- is very much appreciated in keeping this project I've grown to love up and running!


I've had my YouTube channel for nearly ten years now, but it's only recently I've started doing stuff with it. And I've been really enjoying it! At present, it primarily plays host to a series of themed Let's Plays that complement the things I have covered on MoeGamer, plus something else very important that I'll talk specifically about in a moment.

At the time I write this, each week plays host to Warriors Wednesday, which explores Koei Tecmo's long-running Warriors series in depth; New Game Plus, which explores games from the perspective of their "post-game" content; and Sunday Driving, which is a celebration of the lost art of arcade racers. The YouTube channel also plays host to The MoeGamer Podcast as well as various one-off videos when I have the time and opportunity to record them.

Your support here on Patreon allows me to invest in equipment that will help me make these videos even better -- better camera equipment and accessories, better game capture hardware and, of course, the gaming hardware itself and the games to run on it!

Atari A to Z

I grew up with Atari computers, so when my parents allowed me to raid their loft and take all my childhood computers away with me, of course I wanted to do something meaningful with them. That project became Atari A to Z, a series of short video playthroughs of Atari 8-bit and ST games, as well as an exploration of the 150 arcade, Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 games that make up the Atari Flashback Classics collection for Nintendo Switch.

The Atari 8-bit and ST platforms are somewhat underrepresented online in popular media, so I've been delighted to start building this project and showing them some love. You can find a full archive of all the videos I've covered to date on the project's official site, or check them out directly on YouTube.

Your support here on Patreon allows me to invest in original copies of classic Atari games, the original hardware on which to play them and the equipment I need to continue improving the quality of my videos. As the project and its site grows, your support will also help cover any running costs the project incurs, such as premium hosting packages and the removal of ads.


So that's what I'd love to get your help with! I don't want to gate the various projects' content off to those who aren't in a position to be able to pay, but for those who think my work is worth something, I have prepared a couple of token rewards!

Pledge $1 or more and you'll get access to my daily personal blog, in which I reflect on all manner of things relating to gaming, cats and life as an ageing fat Aspie in a world that doesn't quite feel like it's built for him.

Pledge $5 or more and you'll get an exclusive monthly wallpaper featuring MoeGamer's site mascots Midori, Yumi and Penelope, plus the blog.

(Atari fans, if you want some sort of Atari-themed incentive for a $5 tier, let me know what sort of thing you'd like to see along similar lines and I'll see what I can do!)

At any reward tier, you'll also get access to The MoeGamer Discord, where you can chat with me and some other lovely people about whatever you want. If you do not wish to chat with me and some other lovely people, there is, of course, no obligation to do so.


A massive thank you to those who are already supporting my work on these projects... and if you're reading this as a prospective Patron, I sincerely thank you for your time even considering helping me out, and hope you'll join me in helping to make the world of online games media suck just a little bit less.

Pete Davison, February 2019
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LEVEL UP! This is fantastic. Thank you all so much for your support. Every $ earned through Patreon gets invested right back into the site, and at this level of support I can afford to start pursuing more rare, expensive titles to cover.
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