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Hi, I am Peter, Comma, The a german (and also a little english) singersongwriter, comedian, moderator author, cartoonist and more.

My Goals

  1. Bring joy, entertainment and good satire into the world
  2. Talk about difficult topics without pointing the finger but with irony and humor.
  3. Show absurdities of everyday life
  4. Make philosophy, politics, ethics more relatable for everyone

What Peter is doing recently

After years of being solo singersongwriter I formed a band, letting film music composer Gary Hirche write arrangements for a full band consisting of trumpet, drums, guitars, piano, bass and a co-singer. The first Milestone for "Peter and Band, the" are the Berlin semifinals of the Emergenza Contest

My 2015 song "Frühlingslied" is a children's song about animals in spring - with a twist. The very naive folklore waltz song is about german animals in all of the world. It turns out that they are infact tanks and other weapon systems from germany since german weapon's producers name their war machinery often after animals, such as "Leopard", "Tiger", "Beaver" and so on. In that way it is shown where germany is actively involved in armed conflicts. Now there is also the children's book "Das Frühjahr kommt" ("Spring Is Coming") with illustrations of artist Elisabeth Baron, giving a new ironic layer and twist to the lyrics.
You can listen to a demo arrangement of "Frühlingslied" by Gary Hirche and me at Soundcloud.

What did Peter do in the past?

  • As a musician and entertainer I played dozens of gigs, planned and executed shows, took place in contests, moderated festivals and more.
  • As a speaker I gave my voice to the first receptionist robot in germany.
  • As author I published a handful of texts to online and offline magazines and blogs.
  • More details following up!
$0 of $700 per month
Paying rent and insurence is a goal a lot of musicians and artists have. If I earn 700 Dollars = 650 Euro I do not need to work as an academic ghostwriter or blog writer as much as I do right now. Means:

I will be able to do either:

  • 1 podcast 
  • or 1 short novel 
  • or 1 song + music video
  • + a lot of things like pictures, cartoons and small creative stuff
for sure in a month! Plus all the work to publish and curate the content. Wouldn't that be nice?

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