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I make comics, articles, websites, entire mass-produced newspapers, and construct hydrogen bombs when I have spare time

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If the tip meter reaches $15 a month I'll put out a Full Experience article covering one of these shows, ads and all: Batman: The Animated Series (1992), Toonami (2000) or the Nicktoons premiere (on Nick at Nite). Popular opinion will decide which!


Portland, OR, USA

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Patreon is a newfangled crowdfunding site tailored to creatives. Rather than grandiose promises of gadgets and video games that may never come out, when you donate to a Patreon page you're giving to an artist, post-consumption, for content you have already enjoyed.

Patreon is growing in popularity as a method of rewarding Internet content creators for the services they have been providing for free, and to make sure it keeps on coming. If you enjoy any of my work or anything I create, please let me know by donating a monthly tip. (You can cancel at any time if the one buck you're letting get away becomes too much of a burden).

In 2001 I created Platypus Comix, an amalgamated website containing endless articles on weird subjects, a variety of nostalgic reviews and what now amounts to six webcomic series plus variety one-offs and experiments.

In 2005 I launched the sister site For Portlanders Only, containing more articles as well as the Internet's largest vault of historical local videos. (And it needs an update badly....)

In 2012 I started up BANG, a widely-distributed quarterly newspaper in the Portland area dedicated to showcasing unsung talent locally and elsewhere. Anyone can submit content and have a shot at being seen and read at any of BANG's newsstands as well as over 100 popular landmarks.

If you've enjoyed anything I've put out for you, anything I've broken my back (not literally) spending hours putting together, and you think its net worth is at least a dollar or two, be a pal and donate today. I'm not trying to lay a guilt trip on you, but....look at this puppy:

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If every admirer of a hard-working web individual threw their pocket change at them per month, all those little offerings would add up. It's a secret bums have known for years and the art community is only just beginning to discover.

Patreon has the potential to make websites more profitable, reduce the number of abandoned webcomics, and give starving artists a healthier diet. Sign up today! Together we can make a difference!

.....and DON'T donate to the zillion people on the site offering explicit Sonic the Hedgehog porn. I realize you have needs, but think of the rest of us.
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