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In addition, the Song Writing Partner tier will get their choice of a Peter Riley Osborne & the Truckstop Handshakes Tee Shirt or Hat. These will be designed this Spring (2020) and will be hand screened by Threadbare Print House in Eugene, Oregon.  It is a locally and woman owned business that does kick-ankle work. 

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About Peter Riley Osborne

In 2013, I had figured my time creating music was pretty much over.

I had played in a few bands in my early 20’s, but life took me in a different direction and while I loved playing guitar, it was mostly just something I did by myself at home. After moving back to Oregon from Washington, a friend of mine named Milo Skinner invited me to play music with him. I had not played in a band in almost seven years and had not really practiced much, so I was understandably rusty. Through the encouragement of Milo, and my family, I began playing regularly again.

It was during one of my lunches with Milo and a few other musicians (mostly to work on songs or play jazz, which I am terrible at, or just talk about life and music) that I presented a new song I was working on called Alright This Time. It was a fictional tale about coming back from tour and finding your house empty and your girlfriend/wife gone. It was kind of silly and cliche, but it got me off my literary butt and back to writing musica again.

In September of 2015, Milo Skinner was flying with his grandfather in Creswell, OR when their plane malfunctioned and caught fire a few feet from the runway they were returning to. The ensuing accident took Milo and his grandfather's lives. A few months later, I was playing the chords to Alright This Time and a new song came out. While it was originally a story about losing someone, I had a Milo inspired epiphany that I needed to make an album. Not just because I love playing music, but because I want my two daughters to see me fulfill a dream and have something of me that will last longer than I will. I want them to be able to hear me say it will be alright, even if it is through headphones 300 miles away.

So I launched a 'Kickstarter' to fund an album project. Over 40 of the best donors in the world helped me launch a project to create an album. As I sat in the studio to finish out the last few parts on my debut album, homemade., I realized I didn’t want to stop making music. This Patreon page is an attempt to continue to make music, record it and get it out to anyone that wants to listen, without adversely impacting my family financially.

What your support would provide would be:

1. Studio time at Syntharts Studio in Eugene, OR.
The very talented Michael McDonald (not that one) at Syntharts will be helping me to capture my visions, and in many cases enhance them from his beautiful Santa Clara, Oregon area studio.
Me singing and playing at Syntharts

2. Payment for musicians. While I technically have a consistent group of friends I play with, this is my individual project and I want to show them I appreciate their services and time, and to also avoid tensions in their own lives by demanding hours of practice and studio time for free.

3. Equipment. In many cases, I am trying to limit my purchases, but in order to promote the album and finish some of the more diverse songs, I will need access to equipment I don't currently have.

4. Printing. I will need to pay for CD sleeves and t-shirt printing so I can send you hard copies of this album for yourselves. It also will make the merch table at our shows less sad looking.
5. Website and Graphic Design. While I will probably do as much of this as I can myself, I may need to reach out to some of my friends for help.

Ultimately, this is a labor of love and a way to honor my friend while also to fulfill a dream that I thought I never would. ROCK! THANK YOU for your support and for allowing me to fulfill my dreams of playing music and creating new songs. Without you, none of this would be possible!

Peter Riley Osborne proudly plays Godin Guitars (
1% complete
If we get to this level, first of all CRAZY TOWN!  That would be amazing! 

In honor of this feat, we would be able to purchase and overhaul the sound system at the Hanger, as well as provide better video and audio options. We would then try and produce three live house concerts from the Hanger that would be live streamed to Patrons, and then available on YouTube after they are edited and tweaked.
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