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For $3 or more, Sparkers get regular posts from me on a whole range of issues. We'll delve into philosophy, theology, politics and the personal. All designed to help you think, live and love. These reflections will involve a mix of,

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- Re-edited material from the blog I ran between 2007 - 2017

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About Peter Rollins

Many years ago I created a training program called The Non-membership Course. It was designed to help individuals think critically, work through unhealthy aspects of their past, and widen their affirmation of life. The tools I developed became the soil out of which pyrotheology grew.

This platform has offered me the chance to deepen that work and share it with more people. Creating an online space where dissidents, heretics, fools and fundamentalists can dive into the ideas, engage with them and apply them. A space populated by seminars, book studies, discussion forums, weekly reflections, courses and more.

Some support me because they've benefited from my work. Others because they have enjoyed my free content and want to delve deeper. Whatever your reasons, I'm deeply grateful. Because of you I'm able to dedicate myself to this work full-time.

If you'd like to support my work, engage with the theory and technology of Pyrotheology and contribute to its future, then please do jump on board.

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This is a big one. But this level of support is going to let things really fly. I'll get a dedicated office and hire someone to help me record and edit regular content. Basically taking pyrotheology to the next level.
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