is creating happiness over the shared love of video games.
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About PT6

Who are you?

My name is Peter, if you hadn't guessed it. I've been streaming video games for over five years. I started streaming over on Twitch, but decided to make the switch to Mixer as it caters to the way I like to run my streams. Aside from games, I am also a music aficionado and aspiring game developer.

What does your channel focus on?

If you're present for the intro or ending, you'll see I love putting effort into the production value of my channel. I've had fun over the years slowly piecing together little things that make the stream unique and wonderful, and that's what I hope you'll find: a channel that's unique with features you won't see in other places. I am laid back, and expect absolutely nothing from you. Want to hang out and chat? Great! I'm always down to talk. Want to just lurk and watch? Totally fine! Whatever you're comfortable with, that's what I want for you. Curious to see the growth of the stream over the years? Click here.

What do you play?

In general, I play just about everything except for a select few games/genres, and even those have exceptions. On Mixer, however, you'll mostly see some fun shows, multiplayer games, and probably a ton of Super Smash Bros.

When do you stream?

I stream on the weekends (Friday-Sunday) but the times vary dramatically due to real life stuff. The best way to know when I go live is to follow me on  Mixer for notifications (the app helps!), join the Discord, or to follow me on Twitter. I always post when I'm live in one or more of those places!


Please keep in mind that where you choose to support me DOES matter. By choosing Patreon, you will miss out on the sub emotes and badge that come with subbing directly on Mixer. By subbing on Patreon, you get more options for fun perks, so the choice is yours on which benefits matter the most to you. I am happy for your support no matter what option you choose. <3
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At this tier, I will be able to replace my bootleg green screen with an appropriate one, and get some better lighting in my stream room, which means Hickline Bling can make it's triumphant return. If you thought you missed Big Pete, just remember, he missed you more.
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