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If you subscribe to this higher-tier level of the page, I'll commit to writing and posting a customised lesson with all the extras (PDFs, backing tracks, audio etc.) on a musical subject you have suggested to me as higher-tier patron. 

This can be on any subject relating to Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Harmony, Rhythm and Time, etc. If you are not sure whether I'd be able/willing to address a particular topic, please just go ahead and ask me. I'll very likely say 'yes' :-)

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Welcome to my Jazz Improvisation Lessons Page.

Learn the Art of Improvisation 

I will be posting Jazz improvisation lessons here every week. Whilst the lessons are mostly written for guitarists (my own instrument of choice) much of the musical material would also be suitable for other instrumentalists and improvisers as well, whether you play bass, keyboards or a horn.

If you decide to sign-up as a patron, you will be able to view and download all the lesson materials including fully notated PDFs and audio tracks. I'll shortly be adding video material to the lessons too. 

I've been a professional musician for over 35 years and was the Head of Jazz Studies, Assistant Head of Music and Coordinator of all Guitar and Bass tuition at Leeds College of Music in the UK for many years. 

I also now teach jazz guitar studies on a worldwide basis via Skype video calling, to an ever-expanding list of students in over 12 countries.

I have studied jazz harmony and improvisation with a variety of truly great teachers including the legendary Charlie Banacos and more recently, the amazing Garry Dial in New York.

I really appreciate you visiting my Patreon page and if you'd like to find about more about what I get up to musically, then please do visit my main website which is located here:

Pete Sklaroff


"…Pete is one of our finest educators and a truly awesome guitarist with flawless technique, great imagination and a gift for clear communication – these skills are backed up by some of the clearest materials (PDFs, videos and backing tracks) available anywhere! We were students together ‘back in the day’ and his continuing development is inspiring! …”

Malcolm MacFarlane
Jazz Guitarist/Composer

“…Pete Sklaroff is rightly regarded as a living legend in my part of the world. Pete very quickly spotted that I was trying to play B# Demented with a flattened 14th, before I really knew where C Major was. Without crushing my enthusiasm, he gently pointed me in the right direction…”

Jamie Taylor
Jazz Guitarist/Composer

“…Pete has what seems to be several lifetimes of musical knowledge, and is very generous with passing it along. A gift for teaching doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with being a great musician, but in Pete’s case, it does…”

Joshua Gordis
Online Student

$16 of $400 per month

If you are one of the amazing  and supportive 2.5k followers from my original Facebook Complete Guitar Lessons page, then you will already know that I am rather passionate about teaching Jazz Improvisation. :-) Even if you're not already one of that group, then I'm delighted that you are here too! 

The basic story is this: I would love to expand this new Patreon lessons page (and its contents) to cover a far greater range of musical material than I have been able to do on FB thus far. I also want to provide lessons on at least a twice-weekly basis via HD videos.  

To achieve this goal, I am hoping to invest in a good quality video camera, plus microphone etc. so that I can produce really high quality HD video music lessons as I have a LOT of material I'm keen to share with you. 

I do need your kind support and patronage to do all this though...therefore here is my main goal for the moment...

  • When I reach $400 per month, and am hopefully able to invest in some new audio/visual equipment, I’ll pledge to begin a special twice-weekly video series where I'll explore a musical topic in real depth for you and it will be exclusively available for all my Patreon supporters. 
  • You'll also be able to suggest topics for discussion in the videos or even suggest specific compositions you'd like me to explore in them. I fully intend for these videos to be very much led by what my patrons what to hear/see too.

Help me get there...and I promise you will like the results!

Thanks for supporting me and this page... :-)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
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