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Milestone Goals
Audio Equipment
$500 per video
I could use some better audio stuff.
New Camera
$2,000 per video
The camera I use is alright, but it is getting aged. If I reach this goal, this very important piece of equipment will be updated.
I'm a full time independent creator!
$5,000 per video
If this goal gets reached, I'll be able to provide for my family of 4 entirely from these independent projects. Thank you so much!!! That's awesome!


I have to be honest about Ole Bonniford. He wasn't really there that day... or really any day. I don't think he even knows where Westham is. But no matter, he still loved the snow and loved that you got it for him.


Portland, OR, USA

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Hey All! Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page! My name is Petey Boy and I like to create all sorts of slick content, especially video. In particular, I love to make videos that are a pleasure to watch. Something quick that brings a smile to your face or washes some feels across your emotion center. 

I'm going to make these videos no matter what and share them with the world at no cost, but if you feel moved to help support this art, that'd be pretty awesome too. I'm working on a few different video series and one offs and your support helps pay for tools, talent, time, and various things to help make the videos strong. 

What I'm working on right now

I'm currently working on a series of beard videos based off of  two viral hits that I made with my friend. The "Dear Beard" series features facial hair (still on the face) substituting for real life objects or things. So facial hair acting as a seat belt or perhaps as a fanny pack or maybe it is spread on like peanut butter. I'm constantly exploring tons of different possibilities and sharing them for all to enjoy.

Also, If you are interested it participating, drop me a line at

Thanks for supporting art!
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