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About Whelon & Prosser

Pewfell is a webcomic series about a witless wizard and his incredible warrior wife. Created and illustrated by Chuck Whelon, and co-written by Adam Prosser.
You can read the Pewfell Archive free online at webtoon.com (ideally formatted for mobile devices).

This Pewfell.com Patreon homepage is the place for fans of the series to find new material first and sponsor new page creation. Click Follow in the sidebar, or read on to learn more about Pewfell.

The comic adventures of a hopeless young wizard living on the edge of oblivion.

Pewfell—The worst wizard on Planet Urf. Pewfell failed to graduate sorcery school, and now spends most of his time at the pub.

Tina the Warrior Princess—Brave and bold, Pewfell’s wife is an officer in the Spirekassle City Watch. What she sees in Pewfell is anybody’s guess.

Gnoma Jean Gnome—Pewfell’s downstairs tenant is a diminutive blue pest who never pays any rent. One day she intends to take the world by storm.


Read the Books:

Pewfell in: Welcome to Spirekassle—Welcome to the city of Spirekassle, home to inept wizard Pewfell Porfingles and his incredible wife, Tina the Warrior Princess. Pewfell’s a bit of a slacker who eeks out a living selling potions and doing all he can to avoid going on adventures.

In this first volume: When Tina has to take a month off due to a shortage of orc settlements to pillage, Pewfell must find other ways to supplement his income. A compilation of issues #1-4 of the Pewfell comic book series.

Pewfell is rated C for Chaos and contains nudity and other material inappropriate for anyone. 
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Pewfell in: For the Love of Hornbag—All Pewfell wants is a quiet life of domestic bliss. Destiny, however, has other plans. Join our hapless hero as he gets thrown out of his house by a gang of feminist gnomes, runs afoul of a brainwashing cult, and gets banished to an extremely bizarre dimension with very little in the way of clothing.
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Pewfell in: What happens in Vagus—Little does Pewfell suspect, when he sets out on a trip to the fabulous city of Vagus to see the World Fighting Federation Championships, that he is about to embark on an epic quest to fulfill his ancient destiny and save the entire world.
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Pewfell in: Drain of Chaos—The world’s most irresponsible wizard, is about to face his greatest challenge yet: fatherhood.

His wife pregnant and his home collapsing, wizard Pewfell takes a job with the Spirekassle City Sewer Patrol. But with a zombie-mad dictator running the government and a bloodthirsty army of chaos outside the gates, this may not be the best time to start a family.

Join our hero as he deals with dirty diapers, unreliable contractors, idiotic co-workers, and a diminutive blue lodger hell-bent on a career in musical theater…

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Pewfell in: Green Achers—Now that he’s a father, Pewfell is determined to achieve success in his chosen career of wizardry, but somehow it continues to elude him. When his perpetually pesky tenant, Gnoma, is apparently killed in the act of remodeling their house, it looks like a new opportunity might be about to open up for Pewfell in the country…

Take a trip to Planet Urf for a tale of battling barbarian babes, demented robot clerics, devious gnomic real-estate agents, demonically-run corporations, and a slightly slimy, slug-like children’s entertainer named Strangeblob Nopants.

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Also Starring:

Fug the Barbarian — Fug is a gentle soul, but even the loss of a single hit point can throw him into uncontrollable fit of berserker rage.

Pedwyn the Jackal — Pedwyn is a free spirit who loves life and loathes only boredom. Though he believes himself to be of good moral character, he often finds that crime is the most efficient way to earn a living.

Bish Bathenwell — Devoted cleric of the goddess Hornbag, an obscure deity that no-one else has ever heard of. Bish has more than just a screw loose.

Kolin Kook — Bish's loyal but largely vacant acolyte.

Lillypad — Pewfell’s college roommate was partially turned into a toad during his magical resistivity finals. Now works as restaurant critic for the Spirekassle & Beouria Gazette.

Bogbrian — Cyclopean landlord of Pewfell's local, the Hog's Nuts Bar and Grille. Bogbrian immigrated to Spirekassle from the nearby Scraper Mountains.

Cuthpert Codpeace — An unscrupulous capitalist, Codpeace is usually the closest thing to a government in Spirekassle. 

Petronio Politicus — Pewfell's attorney is a defender of the Law. He also defends Chaos too. As long as your gold is good, he don't care.

Druid Totalfix — This elderly environmentalist is wise in nature's lore and utterly cracked in the head.

Theophalus Testicle — One of the regular's at Pewfell's local pub. Theophalus makes a living as a freelance fighter.

Rødnez the Wyvern — Tina's wing'ed steed lives in the garage, and really needs a lot of work to maintain.

Hornia — Witch Queen of the Scraper Mountains and sister to the Goddess Hornbag. Hornia rules her tyrannical empire with an iron fist, and caters to businessmen in her castle dungeons.

Goddess Hornbag — The essence of feminine beauty appears to her faithful as a blinding white light, with big bazooms.

Claire Voyant, Bob Gnarly and Borin Ironlung — A collection of loons brought together by Bish in a effort  to impose order on the streets of Spirekassle. It failed.

K'Ar-Num - Horned trickster god of chaos and fire. As evil entities go, K'Ar-num is alright and can be a lot of fun at parties.

Itsy, Bitsy & Cottonmouth — A gang of feminist gnomes. Highly dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.

Crwm the Unimaginable — Pewfell was largely responsible for summoning this cthulonic manifestation of evil to begin it's thousand-year reign of terror over the Urf.

Bogbill - Bogbrian's cousin is a constable in the Spirekassle City Watch.

Captain Radula — An officer in the Spirekassle City Sewer Patrol. Radula has broken the glass ceiling and made great advances for all viscous molluscans on the force.

Mr. Shim Builders — Pewfell's contractor. Although their services are expensive, they are still much cheaper than someone who knows what they are doing.

Baron Samedi — A one-time employer of Pewfell’s. Zombie-mad Samedi was runner up in a recent poll of Spirekassle’s least popular dictators. Samedi loves nothing more than to start his day with a fresh zombie.

General Disorder — The much put-upon officer in charge of organizing Zoltakk & Phil’s Army of Chaos.

Zoltakk & Phil - The Chaos Lords are two cheeky chaps who just want to have fun. Sometimes by going to the theater, but mostly by killing people.

Sgt. Snuffins — Part of a detachment of Zombies assigned to Pewfell’s unit in the City Sewer Patrol during the Reign of Chaos.

Lurgi — This suppurating mass of diseased ectoplasm is the demon god of effluence, pestilence and deal-making. Currently only able to manifest on the Prime Material Plane via a cauldron in Pewfell’s Basement.

Eagle-Eye Emberson — No matter which side of the Law you are on, this bounty hunter is a pain in the neck.

Baa-Lan the Bovid — Demon God of the Branch Bovidians and scourge of mint-sauce-lovers everywhere.

Gnobert Wilson and Gnoman Mailer — The highly regarded writer and director of “Das Gnomischen”, a long-running, all-topless, Avant Garde theatrical review. Performances nightly at Spirekassle’s famous Ritzkrakker Theater.

Gnome Chompsky — A notorious Gnomic agitator and anti-intellectualist.

Brother Bardy - Band member in a demonic cult. Few have the fortitude to long endure their particular brand of hardcore punk rock grooves.

Strangeblob No Pants — Due to a dark secret in his past, this popular children's entertainer is forced to shill for the sinister McLurgi's corporation.

Doomsayer — This strange old man is the Blotchley-on-Soddon representative for they Doomsayer’s Guild Local #397

Daggara, Bandit Queen of the Highlands — Founder of the Mighty Miss Mercenaries consulting agency for warrior women.

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