is creating pfBlockerNG: A Firewall - IP and Domain Management package!
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About BBcan177

Since 2015, pfBlockerNG has been protecting assets behind consumer and corporate networks of  pfSense - Open Source Firewall based on FreeBSD.

The development of pfBlockerNG was forged out of the passion to create a unified solution to manage IP and Domain feeds with rich customization and management features.

Your support has helped drive new development into features that advance the protection of your network assets and provide insight to the activity lurking in your network.

Your support of kind words, helping others in the  pfBlockerNG forum, providing feedback to improve the package or submitting patches to the code is very much welcomed and appreciated.

We hope that you enjoy using the pfBlockerNG package and show your support in any way that you are able to. We are also open to developing custom features that are site specific.

Your support will help further the development of the package, not just for this specific version, but for all versions to follow.


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This goal will help with basic utilities, supplies, Domain registration, TLS certificates and other subscriptions that provide for the foundation of pfBlockerNG development. It will also allow for continued maintenance and development of new features. 
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