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About Ivan Blanco Catalán

Working with a search engine for Pathfinder Playtest (2nd edition), some people asked me for creating something similar to PF 1ed. 
And here it is, a reliable, fast and handy webtool that allows you to locate and search any feat published by Paizo in Pathfinder 1edition books.

I'm also the creator of the Wildshape calculator (my first pathfinder webtool).

I played with a webtool that let you generate a feat tree from one feat seed. It creates a web from that seed showing you all feats you can get starting from the seed. In a future this webtool is going to have more functionalities.

Lately, I've uploaded all spells in the pathfinder books, so It's time to make a webtool with spells. So far when you search a Feat, you can also look for spells. And I've developed a simple webtool that shows you all spells any casting class can use (it's still in development: split the tree with schools and more options).

Currently I'm trying to develop a new Feats Net webtool (more info at Posts)

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