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About PG

What is it?

PGV5 is a Windows application designed to help tag, organize and consume your adult images and videos. 

How does it work?

Drag your images and/or videos into the PGV5 window. Your information is stored in an automatically generated database file.

PGV5 splits the main view into two pieces: one main list displaying all of your content, and an optional pane underneath showing details for the selected items. Each tag type has its own detail page, showing the most relevant information possible.  

Now, you can start adding tags to the scene. There are multiple tag types:

  • Bookmarks
  • Categories
  • DVDs
  • Images
  • Stars
  • Themes
  • Websites

On the details pane for this video, we can add a Star (Riley Ticotin) and a website (Playboy). This is a manual process. However, PG tries its hardest to minimize the amount of manual tagging. Once you have added a tag, the paths of any imported content are analyzed and matched against existing tags.

You can also configure a google account to automatically search for images of inputted content.

One of the great things about PG is that when you are viewing the details for of, for example, a scene - you can immediately view the details of a star in that scene - showing you the details  for that star.

Double clicking a video pops out the PgPlayer

Here we have a specialized video player. Using the mouse wheel on the left hand side of the screen adjusts the volume, and using the mouse wheel on the right side of the screen lets you seek forward and back.

The tags related to this scene are displayed in slightly transparent along the right side. Clicking these plays a random video with a matching tag.

The top left shows the volume, as well as Screen icons allowing you to move the player from screen to screen. It also has more buttons to play random gold/silver/bronze content.

You'll also notice the "dancing" tag and the timestamp. These are PG Bookmarks. They allow you to specify timestamps within a scene matching a category. Clicking these bookmarks jumps the scene to that position.

The top right button allows you to log a PG Splooge. Use this to track your climaxes. PG will present statistics around your climaxes and their targets. It also provides an automated Twitter system to let your favorite stars know when it happens.

The PgPlayer also tracks video watch time. Sort and filter your collection by how long you have watched content. Powered by the tagging system, see how long you have watched a star or a website based on how long you have watched any of their scenes.

With care, you can build a library that looks like this:

Sort your content by a variety of attributes, such as most watched. Get statistics.


  • View all your media (tens of thousands of items) in one unified list
  • Filter by a variety of parameters
  • Scan torrent files for matching tags
  • Mark content as Gold, Silver, Bronze, Organized
  • Create timestamps of your favorite moments in a scene
  • Mouse over a video thumbnail for an auto play preview
  • Track play counts, dates, climaxes and more
  • Google Image Search integration to automate image fetching for new tags
  • Auto tagging functionality. Adding new content triggers a pass against all existing content.  Eg, adding the star Riley Reid automatically tags all scenes with Riley Reid in the name.
  • Moving files into the correct folder with the click of a button (in progress)
  • Custom pop out video player with an on hover hud showing scene metadata and allowing for quick selection of different related videos
  • Custom thumbnail frame selector
  • Track your climaxes to a scene for later perusing
  • Save twitter handles for your favorite stars and website, and automatically tweet them every time you climax one of their scenes.
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I will open source the PGV5 code base.
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