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What is it?

PGV4 is a free windows application designed to help tag, organize and view your adult content

How does it work?

PGV3 creates an SQLite database for you. Once loaded, you simply drag your media into the PGV3 window.

You can then open the details for a scene by using the right-click context menu, or middle click.

Now, you can start adding tags to the scene. There are five tag types.

  • Categories
  • Stars
  • DVDs
  • Themes
  • Websites

You can view the details of a tag the same way you can view the details of a scene.


  • View all your media (some people have over 30,000 scenes) in one centralized location
  • Fully searchable by a variety of advanced parameters
  • Mark content as Favorite, Runners Up, Organized
  • Create GIFs with a few clicks
  • Create timestamps of your favorite moments in a scene
  • Mouseover live scene preview
  • Track play counts, dates, splooges and more
  • Google Image Search integration to automate image fetching for new tags
  • Advanced auto tagging functionality. New scenes added will automatically be tagged with matching tags you have previously created.
  • Integrated video splitter for breaking DVDs apart into individual scenes.
  • Moving files into the correct folder with the click of a button
  • Discord integration
  • Embedded video player
  • Custom thumbnail frame selector
Screenshots available via Discord
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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