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Hi, my name is Sandra and I am working to create a business of my own creating content for Twitch and YouTube.

Phantascene Productions was created out of a love of storytelling and I have used it as sort of an umbrella business name under which I do a variety of creative activities, such as create 3D artwork, write stories, and create gameplay videos.

This Patreon is built for fans of my videos to offer a bit more support and to help me reach certain milestones in my video production efforts. All money from this Patreon will go directly into either providing me with a place to live or into buying better equipment for creating or streaming videos.

What the money might be spent on:
  • Rent
  • Utilities (power / internet)
  • Computer hardware
  • Other items that can improve stream such as cameras, etc.
  • Food if I am really in need of extra food money one month
What it will not be spent on:
  • Games (I don't intend for my Patrons to buy any games I might play on Live-Streams)
  • Clothing
  • "toys" or frivolities
  • Going out (I'm a shut-in, I don't go out)

Why Patreon? Why gameplay videos?

I have severe social anxiety and find it difficult to be around people without feeling a crippling sense of panic and a deep-set desire to get away to somewhere I can be alone. This is a problem that, when paired with some bad experiences I have had with other people, has caused me to withdraw inward and close myself off to the point that any effort to interact with others leaves me highly stressed out and feeling physically ill.

I grew up on computers. My dad was a computer programmer. In fact he was one of the men who worked on the packet switching program in the Army, the program that became the Internet. Computers have always been a place where I felt secure, a sort of connection with my dad.

After a lifetime of taking care of others, followed by several years of discovering that I just can not take going out around people, I find myself in a position where I have a small amount of time to try to make a business of my own. My goal is to build a business as a streamer on Twitch.

This is not a passing fancy of an idea, nor is it a 'get rich quick' scheme. I have looked into video production for 40 years, going back to 1977 when I watched Star Wars in the theater with my parents and realized that I wanted to create movies like that. I did not look at the actors (although I did get a huge crush on Harrison Ford), nor did I even think in terms of a director, I was looking at the film, at how it was shown. I wanted to be the person who filmed the movie - the camera operator.

Life took me in a lot of directions over the next 40 years, few of those directions allowed me to consider going back to my dreams of creating videos. By 2007 I had managed to start doing work as an online advertising copywriter and as part of that work I began to dabble in creating commercials on YouTube.

In 2008 my mom passed away and at the same time the economy collapsed, which meant that my work on creating videos came to an end. I tried a few times to get back into creating videos, unfortunately the old computer I had (still have) was no longer up to the task of creating videos. By 2012 my dad had also passed away and I had lost the house I had lived in for 20+ years. To say I was caught up in the deepest levels of depression would be putting it very mildly.

In the years since I have struggled just to keep from going entirely under. I worked at what was a full-time job for part-time pay and survived on ramen noodles, rice, and gravy made from water and flour. It was not the healthiest of diets for someone over 40.

I would like to say that my situation is better as I write this, but it is actually declining and I must find some way to make what I have work. I know that if I had a chance I could do good creating videos on Twitch, but I do not have what I need to do a good job.

What do I need?

Better Internet - I am running off a cell phone hotspot at the moment, which means that any movement in the scene causes the image to pixilate and become boxy. No one will want to watch a pixilated video. My number one goal is to get an internet connection that will allow me to stream good videos. This means a hardwired connection that will cost around $1,500 to get installed, then $125 a month to maintain unlimited bandwidth. I have someone that can help me with the $125 monthly, if I can just get the internet installed.

A PlayStation 4 camera - Streaming video games is not about the game, it is about the streamer. I need a camera for my PS4 which I believe will cost anywhere from $5 to $25 for a used PS4 camera.

And... that's it. Those are the only things that I need to get to be able to start streaming. From there it is creating content and finding people who like what I do as a gamer. $2,000 would get me going as a streamer and make it possible for me to be able to build a business that would help me support myself without me needing to go out around the people that terrify me on a deep instinctive level.

$0 of $20 per month
Live-stream chats with my followers answering questions and talking about whatever comes up; from just casual chatter about the weather to in depth discussions on the theory of FTL drives or multiverse theory. Stop in when I am live and let's chat.
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