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About Phil Barlow

Are you ready for ‘TRUE EVOLUTION’?

We are all born into this world with unique gifts, personality traits and natural inclinations that align with our earthly purpose. Through a process of self love, acceptance and deep surrender, these true gifts are revealed.

It's a gradual journey.... releasing emotions and transcending limiting thoughts. It gets easier, fear loses its grip, and the heart becomes the compass.

As you begin to express authentically, you attract the perfect people and life works with you. Challenges still present themselves, but you come to understand and accept that these situations arise in order for you to transcend them, and evolve. 

With growing clarity, and deep inner peace, you expand into living your full potential. Inspiration flows through you and takes form in your own unique expression. You become connected to all life energy as a balanced, conscious human life...

Welcome….to a place of healing, growth, and expansion…


This is the creative engine room, where it all starts. You are here, receiving and supporting creativity at the grass roots, as it unfolds. Welcome and thank you for your support!

I am now openly sharing music, poetry and writing as it comes through, with the intention to help others on their journey.

Through this space I will also be delivering content in a way that fosters healing, growth and expansion for the people within the community. I am aware that everyone is at different stages in their personal evolution. I will be tuning in to the needs of each of you and do my best to support and inspire true growth.

For those of you who just want help me bring this vision to life, you are amazing, thank you! I am so grateful for your generosity. Here is how it works with Patreon...


As an independent artist, there is an incredible amount to manage and to fund. Everyone now has access to any song you want via streaming services. This is great as a consumer, but has led to a challenging environment to sustain a career as an artist.

Crowd funding is the new way forward. A way to have an exchange of value, where you can enjoy and grow through the content I share, and know that your support is enabling it to get out into the world.

You will see there are currently three 'Tiers' to choose from, which relate to the differing levels of exchange. 

Once you have selected the Tier and joined, you simply download the Patreon App and now you have access to posts I've already made and can check in to see new posts. If you need to take a break from facebook and instagram, but could still benefit from content that uplifts and inspires without the noise, here it is!

We all seek happiness and fulfilment, but only the brave are willing to step fully into new territory and grow. Step with me, it'll lead you to a life of peace and passion....


I am soon to release a new album “True Evolution” and am starting to work on a book and online resources that will help foster people on their pathway to overcoming struggle, discovering the deeper self and living a peaceful and passionate life. 

I also plan to expand the offering to include transformation events that will include music, poetry, yoga, bodywork, free form dancing, guided meditations and tailored workshops to guide people through a live “True Evolution” journey.

FULL EXPRESSION of the “True Evolution” Vision: 

Chapter One: “True Evolution” Album Release (Nov 2019)
Chapter Two: Single Day Transformation Events (2020)
Chapter Three: Write and publish book
Chapter Four: 3-5 Day "True Evolution" Transformation Events
Chapter Five: Online support program - A guided journey to True Evolution 

Successfully delivering each of these chapters will require help and collaboration with many people in the music, health and wellness, book publishing industries and through a valued exchange between you and me.

The timing is dependent on who I meet (the universe works in beautiful ways) and the level of support from the Patreon community. Either way, I am both excited and nervous by the unknown, and I would love you to join me on this journey!


I do know this, I have an incredible amount of inspiration coming through right now and it just needs space to flow out, be captured and shared! I am asking for you to help me, help you and those in need.

I have had people very close to me struggling to cope, turning to addictions, and that has nudged me to start sharing openly now! I've also been to two funerals in the past 2 months, both of which have inspired me to dissolve the separateness, to live from the heart and grow into my full potential.  

MUSIC - Official Releases

"In My Heart" - a single off the upcoming "True Evolution" album.
Official Music Releases:

May 2012:           Shades Of Grey EP
August 2012:      Phoenix Rising Album
May 2015:           The Awakening Album (Phil Barlow and The Wolf)

Aug 2018:            In My Heart - single
Jan 2019:            Waiting For You - single
April 2019:          Sweet Sunrise - single

Out Nov 2019:    True Evolution Album

To learn more about my music journey, please view my full artist bio at:


The Poetry Of Healing: Pain To Peace was published on July 7, 2018.

To read selected poems, please visit:


When I became a Dolphin Trainer in 2004, I didn’t realise it at the time, but it began what would become a fascination with behaviour psychology. Observing and understanding why animals do what they do and learning about positive reinforcement. Dolphins are very smart animals, roughly equivalent to a 3-4 year old child. An unconscious adult human being, can be outsmarted by an intelligent 3-4 year old or a dolphin! Haha. 

While volunteering to become a trainer and with a casual job as an educational tour guide at Sea World, I was also studying a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Marine and Wildlife biology. The basis of science is observation. In essence if you observe the same results from an experiment enough times, it gives you confidence that the theory is true.

This way of thinking has stayed with me till today, and by applying this constant learning to thought / emotional patterns within myself and observing others, I have come to have a deep understanding of the conditioned human mind.

From 2007-2011, I was working as a Catchment Management Officer, learning about how a river system functions, strategic planning, project management and community engagement. I now look back and realise it was all just preparation for what I feel is starting to flower. 

In 2011, my life changed dramatically.

After an 8-year relationship, I got divorced, sold my house, quit my job, and travelled Europe with a guitar, writing 40 songs in 6 months. It was a challenging time, which I now see as the gift that brought creativity to the core of my existence and opened up a deeper, more fulfilling life. 

For the past 8 years, I have gradually discovered a new dimension of reality. The space between thoughts, the stillness. Through writing 200+ songs, 100+ poems, and over 500 live performances, from fronting a high energy blues rock band to playing intimate solo concerts in peoples homes, I have explored / expressed / observed all my emotions. I have become aware of the thoughts that generate emotions and have come to experience the power of presence. The essence of life. Inner peace and the richness in helping others.

Music is as much about the space that it creates, as the sounds of the notes. 

To learn more about my creative journey, please visit my current websites:

To learn more about my former band, “Phil Barlow and The Wolf”, go to:


I look forward to helping you on your journey to “True Evolution” and sharing abundant creativity! Please choose the Tier that best suits you.

Welcome and thank you for your support!
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