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About Phil G the Knowbody

I Create original music and content. I hosted an archive show for Flip the Script radio, providing exclusive interviews, music and more. I've provided over 50 albums, mostly free to download. Despite play by reputable respectable DJ's and radio shows, Most sleep on the obnoxiously obese body of work Ive provided the mostly unworthy masses, but that's ok. I've always done it for the love.. If you deem my content to be valuable, I appreciate your support.
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If I can earn income on my music and visual 'entertainment' (lol) via patreon, in this last ditch effort to progress in life, I promise to invest in better cameras, audio equipment and FLOOD you bastards with a plethora of Albums/Music, Hilarious/Quirky Videos and the usual un-usual assortment of funkery you've come to neglect!... er, I mean, expect!
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