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is creating music videos, transcriptions & backing tracks
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Bass Score of every song or video I published and will publish. And a backing-beat (MP3) to practise with.

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Score for every instrument recorded on the tracks of my album. It includes bass, guitar, drums, percussions, keyboards and sometimes horns. And a backing beat (MP3) to practise with.



About Philipp Rehm

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I'm Phil and I create videos and transcriptions of my work as a producer and bass player.

I produce and perform my own music and also work with other artists and bands. Since I'm often asked about my playing and my beats, I decided to start this page to share my passion for music and create videos, transcriptions and scores of my music for You. You will also find backing-tracks of my album and other releases I recorded. I hope You find here something that inspires You, I'm building this up step-by-step. I also teach and give online lessons and workshops: You can find more on

Thank You for visiting my page and checking out my music. Keep Grooving!

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