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A growing number of people are becoming increasingly more aware of the dynamics that are changing our world and are seeking free and independent sources of information to make sense of things.

That's where I come in.

I started writing for the Waking Times in October of 2015 after reading into the issues that were happening at the time.

Since I started, my articles have had many hundreds of thousands of social media shares, millions of views, and countless blogs and independent news outlets have published my work.

I've brought quiet a few hard-hitting stories and pertinent information to the table, such as the fact that scientists have found a link between popular hair dyes and breast cancer, potentially exposing a generation of young women to one of the world's most horrible diseases.

I was also a voice of reason during the Charlottesville protests, calling on both sides to deescalate the hatred and violence that so many felt during that time.

One of my articles even went viral, attracting nearly 200,000 Facebook shares and countless re-posts on blogs and other social media, wherein I exposed deep business ties between Scotts Miracle-Gro and Monsanto in their quest to create genetically modified marijuana crops.

Recently, I started publishing my content directly to my own website in order to have complete freedom to cover the stories I want to cover, while keeping total editorial freedom and getting my work out there more frequently and quickly.

Everything that I publish is freely re-distribute-able and outlets such as the Activist Post and SGT Report have already started picking them up.

I want to get better at what I do as well as work on expanding my reach with harder-hitting stories on a more regular basis, which is why I created this Patreon page.

It would be helpful if I were to get some extra funding in order to keep my site up and running without needing to worry about the costs. I also display ads, but the revenue from that is too small to make much of a difference.

I would like to eventually work full-time as an independent writer and have the resources available to me to expand what I'm able to cover, so thank you to everyone who believes in what I'm doing and decides to chip in.
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