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If you support PhilosopherDave at $1.00, you will be recognized during the next stream.

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If you support PhilosopherDave at $5.00, he will eat a habanero the next time he streams

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If you support PhilosopherDave at $10.00, you can play a best of 3 against him in Eternal. If you win, your name will be added to the winners plaque.




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About PhilosopherDave

Welcome to Philosopher Dave's patreon page!  I am so very excited to be a part of this ever growing community, and cannot believe how far we have come.

While I initially thought this experience was going to be about playing games in front of an audience, I realize now the impact of community.  We have so much fun every day, and it has been great seeing familiar faces each week.  

By supporting my content I will use funds to do several things.  First, mods of my channels receive a portion of the donations.  I would be unable to do this without my mod team, and they have helped me more than I could ever explain.  Second, funds help support the infrastructure of the stream.  This includes the content, equipment, and habaneros! 

In short... your support = more habaneros.  

Thank you, and welcome to the team.