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About stephen west

Hello everyone, I'm Stephen West and this is Philosophize This!

I host, brainstorm, research, structure, record, promote and manage the community of the Philosophize This! podcast. Simply put, it's a chronological approach to the biggest ideas that shaped our world explained in a way that you don't need a master's degree to understand. 

If you can think back to a time when you used to believe something was true beyond a shadow of a doubt, but through years of experience and thought you now think about it differently, then you have first hand experience of the value of this show. 

In a world where it is all too common to turn on the TV and hear about the most recent bout of someone marginalizing other people in the name of some belief that they hold, I think philosophy can save the world. 

With your help, you can join me on the quest of getting people to seriously take a look at why they think and act the way they do for many more years. All patron support will at first go towards allowing me to eat something other than Top Ramen most days, and beyond that will go towards improving the show: getting more expert guests, better audio production, better content, a better place for the community to congregate, etc. 

To be clear, you won't be charged for previous episodes, just new ones. Also, I plan on releasing around four per month. 

Thank you for anything you can do. :)

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