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About Jules Evans

Hello. I've been blogging for over 10 years now, and have since written thousands of essays, which have been read hundreds of thousands of times. I've interviewed everyone from the Bishop of London to Derren Brown, from Sister Bliss to David Byrne. I've reviewed many books, posted podcast interviews, and blogged almost 1000 articles on everything from Stoic philosophy to cognitive therapy, well-being politics to the ecstasy of art and cinemapsychedelics to monasticism, the alt-right to the Alpha Course

I get lots of emails from people saying they've found the blog helpful and therapeutic. 'A light in dark times.' 'This made my day.'  When people Google 'what's the point in life?' - and they do, late at night - the third response is from my blog, and it helps people. My TEDX talk, 'how philosophy saved my life', is one of the top 10 philosophy videos on YouTube, and is used by some therapists to help explain CBT. That's why I do what I do - because communicating ideas gives me a thrill, and because I want to help people overcome suffering, and find wisdom, joy and flourishing. 

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