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Monthly Freebies:

Each month I'll be dropping one free podcast story. Spread the word. 

Follow this link to get your free on!

December 2019 Free Story: Far Stones - Part 2

Current Audiobook (Podcast):

Dr. Malcolm Green returns to Eden in search of his daughter, only to find that the once verdant space tree to be a whisper of what it once used to be. A darkness has fallen over Eden and her song has grown quiet. Will the shadows consume Dr. Green's daughter before he can find her? 

The follow-up to 2009's acclaimed novella Eden, Eden:E is a supernatural, science fiction adventure. Haven't listened to book one? Grab the original Eden for free by clicking here.

My Other Patreon Exclusive Podcasts:

Friday Flash Fiction returning in August.

...and don't forget about the Patreon back catalog, which includes the cyber goth romp The Trance, Far Stones, Friday Flash Fiction, and many other stories.

About Me


Hello, there! I'm so happy you swung by this little URL. Thanks for taking the time to check out my Patreon page. Time a precious commodity. I get that. And time is all too often in short supply.  My name is Phil Rossi. I write stories. I record podcasts. I make songs. I am a storyteller. I've been creating science fiction and horror content through Patreon since 2017. What began as an experiment to see if I could restart a stalled writing career, has become the very foundation of my creative world. Here, the real stars are are my pledges. My executive producers.  Without my supporters, I would not be cranking out new books, stories, and podcasts. It's one thing to say my gratitude is endless. It's another thing to show my gratitude by busting my tail day and night, putting out the best content I can manage. That is how I show my appreciation to the people here.  

I started podcasting my stories in 2006 and I found early and unexpected success.  Soon thereafter, I published a book about a haunted space station and another book about a giant space tree and these books made a big enough splash to grace the Amazon best-seller lists. I was poised and ready for even bigger things. But life being life and all, I was forced to take (a lot of) time off. 2017 brought Patreon into my world and a new path. And through the generosity of my followers, I’ve found a way to write, podcast, and generate vital income to support my family all at the same time. To me, Patreon is about not just giving but giving back ten-fold. That’s why each month I put in everything I’ve got to deliver as much content as I can manage.


Why Patreon?
It’s simple. It's about getting the work out there to all of you. It's hard to justify making time to write, edit, and publish when it takes times away from activities that help me pay the bills and put food the table, etc...It's even more difficult to justify hiring an editor, paying web server and domain fees, and file server costs, and generally making any investment to support my writing long-term when it takes away from what I need to do for my family. Patreon frees up time and resources so I can create new stories and podcasts

Why to Expect?
New podcast fiction every month. A deep back catalog, including The Trance (Vampire Cyberpunk) Far Stones (Sci Fi). The new and currently airing audiobook Eden:Eternity (Sci Fi), Friday Flash Fiction, and so much more. Pledges receive a monthly behind the scenes podcast. Live video streams of writing sessions, audio, and video production.  There will be other extras to provide you with some tingly atmosphere leading up to story releases--missing person articles, maps, love notes, voice mails, music. I have a passion for creating a sense or (alt)reality surrounding my work. I cut my teeth on the Infocom interactive fiction games and I think that's where my love of "extras" began. I still have my Planetfall packaging and goodies. Subcribers can also expect excerpts for works in progress. Early releases. Exclusives--in short, there will be bang for your buck.

You will also get your name printed in any book I publish in the future in a special acknowledgments section. 

The Trance Teaser:   Download

Time Capsule: Audio promotion from the golden days:
Eden Audio promo: Download
Harvey Audio Promo - There's Something in the Trees Download (one of my all time favorite promos)
Crescent 2009 Book Launch Audio Promo: Download

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Flash Fiction Friday installments will be available in audio and pdf format.
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