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About Phil Svitek

I am a content creator with a passion for helping artists realize their creative visions. With over 15 years of experience WORKING in the industry, learning from the best of the best, I am now on a journey of paying it forward. I believe if you are successful, you owe the next generation a roadmap. Not just about your successes but more importantly about your failures to help them from not making the same mistakes.

As someone who has been there, I know the struggles and what it takes to tackle and overcome the challenges that artists face on the road to success.

An artist’s life can be extremely volatile, with many high’s and low’s – it takes more than just industry skills and knowledge to make it. To be successful, you need to have the right mental fortitude to reach your dreams.

That's why I believe in a 360 approach – combining technical theory with practice, along with personal development skills that are directly related to what it takes to be successful as a digital artist.

For almost a decade, while working at AfterBuzz TV, I helped nurture aspiring hosts into top level talent – including WWE’s Cathy Kelley, Fox’s Eboni K. Williams, US Weekly’s Jackie Miranne, Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown and the list goes well into the hundreds.

You can’t just rely on your technical skills as a creative. You must also master mental fortitude in order to achieve your creative endeavors otherwise you’ll end up working against yourself, burning out, depressed, or worse. I can speak to this firsthand which is why I’ve decided to stress the importance of fortifying your mind as well as your craftsmanship.

I’ve been privileged in my life to have amazing mentors such as former E! host Maria Menounos, AfterBuzz TV founder Keven Undergaro, Friends executive producer Kevin S. Bright, Hall of Fame wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, filmmaker Robert Patton Spruill and even politicians such as Richard Blumenthal and Joseph Lieberman. Like I said, I’ve been privileged. Thanks to all of them and others, I’ve learned extremely valuable lessons that aren’t taught in schools.

These lessons all propelled me in my career and are the ones I teach on my weekly series. I offer up my knowledge ranging from stoicism, essentialism, Toltec wisdom, Taoism, Buddhism, logo-therapy and other schools of thought and combine them with real world applications for your everyday life and art. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Let these insights become your foundational pillars so you can find success in your work and personal life.

New episodes of my series release every Wednesday and are available via video and audio. Here’s a few of the places you can access the lessons from:


The work I've done so far has already incurred expenses: cameras, graphics, web hosting, file hosting & distribution, hard drives, transcribing interviews, editing software, etc. Some of those expenses are ongoing and expensive (such as web hosting and the monthly Adobe Creative Cloud suite). Your support will offset such expenses, which in turn makes it easier for me to continue producing the show as it is.

What I have works, but my computer is a few years old and my setup is cumbersome which slows me down more than you might imagine. My goal is to bring you the highest quality product at a greater quantity. In order to achieve that, I need to make certain upgrades - especially since most gear becomes outdated within 3 years' time. I'd love to setup a permanent studio that I can just turn on and off whenever I need which would also allow me to have better video for when I interview remote guests among other benefits. Your support can make that happen. 

Apart from Juliet Vibert, whose time is already very limited, I am responsible for making sure this show goes out every Wednesday like clockwork. That means I have to come up with the topic, research it, write the script, revise the script, shoot it, edit the audio and video, create the various graphics and video overlays and publish it across multiple platforms. It's intimidating sometimes and I'd love to focus my attention on the topics and make sure I'm delivering the best information possible. Right now, each week after I put out a new episode, I smack my head realizing there's certain portions I forgot to incorporate into the lesson that make it easier to understand or apply to your life. The lessons still work and I'm proud of them, but I know they can be better if I had more help. By building a staff, I'd be able to add more visuals to the videos like other YouTube video essays have to make them more engaging and easier to understand. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, it's more fun when you work with a team, right? Of course it is!

I'd love to devote myself full-time to producing this show and helping teach you how to achieve your creative dreams. But I can't do that because the reality is there's bills I need to pay (such as rent and food). Your support will make it possible for me to be able to not stress about those expenses and focus more on delivering the best content for you.


Your funding will allow me to splice in more visuals and soundbites to illustrate the lessons more clearly. I'll be able to incorporate slides into the episodes which you can then download and keep for your files. 

I have so much knowledge that I've gained from the mentors I've had, the books I've read, the podcasts I've listened to and I'm dying to share it all with you so you can benefit from it as well. And in a perfect world I'd be able to put out a new lesson Monday through Friday. The more this grows, the more realistic that goal becomes. 

There's so many authors, podcasters and artists I've learned from that I'd love to bring onto the series so they can explain their ideas firsthand to you. In the entertainment business, we call this guest booking. It seems a simple process but can become complex and time consuming. While most of the people I want to bring on would join me for an episode, there's logistics that need to be coordinated and worked through. Your support will allow me to dedicate resources to this and allow these guests to be part of the show. Plus, you'll get to dictate which guests you'd like to be part of the series and what questions you want answered.

Speaking for myself, I love custom T-shirts or an autographed book. Maybe you're like me, in which case, get excited, because your support can yield you this perk.

I love singing the praises of good people which is why, if you support this venture, I'll make sure you get the credit you deserve. At the end of each episode, I'll shout out each new patron or patrons in select tiers.

Furthermore, you may be selected to be part of one of my episodes where you can ask me questions directly and have me answer them.

Why limit my praises of you to just the show? Social media is how many of communicate and I'd love to give credit where credit is due by highlighting your generosity on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

Reserved for the top tiers, you could be either credited as a producer or as a sponsor of an episode so everyone knows that they have you or your company to thank for making it possible for them to enjoy my teachings. 

Each week, I'll conduct an online group coaching session that you'll be able to partake in. I'll expand upon the lessons I teach weekly and answer questions from the group. Together, we'll be able to grow tremendously. If you miss one, not to worry, each session will be archived for you to review at your convenience. 

Depending on your level of contribution, you may be selected for a 30-minute phone session with me. I'll answer any questions you have to help you overcome challenges and obstacles that may be in your way. 

To supplement these lessons, I will be publishing books that reinforce the material but more importantly where I'll provide exercises for you try so you can put theory into practice right away. 

I'd love to do a conference or a live episode where we all get to meet and interact. It's at these types of events where everyone learns so much in a compressed amount of time and sometimes people even walk away with creative partners for current or future projects. If we reach certain goals, this idea is possible.

You'll get access to exclusive videos, podcasts, give-aways and whatever else I can think of as time goes on.

Phil Svitek, 360 Creative Coach
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