APHIN is creating Cosplay Content

Red Apple

$1 /mo
It's a start! An apple away means you're unlocking exclusive content starting today. Thank you for becoming a Patron!

Blood Orange

$5 /mo
The real fun starts now! Unlocking these  special contents such as :

  • Full HD album link from latest cosplay photoshoots
  • Step-by-step tutorial for cosplay, arts, and dr...

Yellow Nana

$10 /mo
Going bananas! Two signed digital photos (random photo + fansign) coming your way!

  • Personalized signed digital photo (random choice)
  • Digital fansign just for you! 

Green Kiwi

$15 /mo
Gonna need your address cause two prints (signed photo + coscard) ready to reach your doorstep!


  • Personalized signed HD photo printed and sent to your address! 
  • Digital fa...


$25 /mo
A slightly better option for more stuff on your way (signed photo + coscard) ready to reach your doorstep! 

  • Two (2) personalized signed HD photo printed and sent to your addres...

Blue Berry

$35 /mo
Join me for a monthly Skype livestream! We can go for a live makeup tutorial, Q&A, or just hanging out having a great time!

  • Monthly group Skype livestream session
  • ...

Pink Peach

$75 /mo
You almost reached the highest peak! As token of my gratitude, you shall get :

  • Three (3) personalized signed photo prints + coscard + polaroid + fansign 
  • Handmade pers...

Black Diamond Cherry

$100 /mo
WON'T VALID UNTIL MAX 5 PATRONS REACHED (for photobook options)

  • A signed photo book (need 5 patrons. If goal not reached will downgrade tier into Pink Peach and return the rest...