Phineas X. Jones

is creating Sculpts and drawings of things with and without tentacles
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Flying Monkeys
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Your support is greatly appreciated and you look great in a vest and a fez.

Ice Weasels
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Dang, man, you're great. In addition to the public updates I'll be posting stuff just for you.

Garbage Angels
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I don't use the word 'hero' lightly, but you may be the greatest hero who ever lived. This will include extra... um... stuff? I'm sure. We are still working out the details. 




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About Phineas X. Jones

Hello! For most of ten years I was the artist/designer/illustrator making cans/labels/merchandise for Half Acre Beer Co. in Chicago. Now I am... well this is what we are trying to figure out. But I'm looking for new things to do that may or may not be attached to adult beverages and may may not include tentacles. Patrons can expect to see works in progress, behind the scenes things, early previews, and other stuff that wouldn't normally see the light of day. What else? Still working on that! And I'm totally open to suggestions from you, the cash-surrendering public.
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How about this... if I get to the lofty sum of $500 a month, I will start making a monthly postcard and send it to every $5 and $10 patron.
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