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Hey Hey Hey. It's so heart warming to know that you're just here supporting me - it's just like a warm hug. 

**COVID19 update - The BTS will likely morph into other things as all my concerts and shows have been cancelled. 
Also, I started an interview series that I like to do in person, but that had to stop too.
I will be making online performances so you'll get access into them and their makings. 
Also, due to COVID19 my musings has just turned to wetting paper with my tears, so I'll start writing other things. 

Get exclusive access to Behind the Scene Footage of Concerts, interviews and my Musings about life, music, the universe and more. 

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Hello, Ciao, Konnichiwa. 
Wowee. Your massive support here feels like I'm bathing in kittens and puppies. It's euphoric. THANK YOU. Grazie. Doumo Arigatou. 

**COVID19 update. The Kodama tier has changed slightly, so this one will too. Check out the description. 
Early access to concert videos won't be happening as often in this period as I have had all my physical concerts cancelled and I can't go out and jam with a pianist. It depends on the governments restrictions. 

Community Fam chat will remain as it always was. :) Yayay.  

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Hello and Welcome!

I Love Singing, Creating Stories, and exploring authentic ideas. 

I want to connect with people who share my love of opera, classical singing, languages, and the phenomenal healing power of singing and the voice. I love the raw power of a classically trained voice (Opera Singer), I love that singing evokes feelings that sometimes we don't allow to rise, I love how much discipline, dedication, passion and persistence performing it requires. 

So if you're joining me on my journey now, or you've been a bit of a performance or Youtube follower, Thank you. It's because of people like you that my dreams (especially the bigger, more than one person, dreams) can be more than some jottings or ideas I bounce around with my friends. 

It has been through the generosity of some very special people that my most recent performances have been a success. Not only do they act as an advocator and get more people to my concerts, they make me feel apart of their family. I intend to continue that no matter where I live. 

I am so grateful that you listen. So if this (Patreon) doesn't appeal, that's completely fine - I'll still be posting things on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for all to see and I'll soon be releasing recordings. 
Singing in my compass.
I used a bit of an air-head. I've learnt that that is simply because I didn't want to feel what was in my heart at the time. I FEEL a lot, so it can get intense. Singing changed that for me. Expressing emotion whilst singing with an audience is one of the most BEAUTIFUL experiences. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

Phoebe x
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I will host an Patreon exclusive online concert with Q&A. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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