Phoenix Group International

is creating strategic plans



About Phoenix Group International

Phoenix Group International (PGI) is led by three Founding Principals each with extensive business improvement skills forged at senior executive levels. The firm also includes several Associates with significant expertise in human resources, social media, digital strategies, marketing, and finance.

PGI specializes in revitalizing and improving business performance in small and medium enterprises with specific expertise in:

  • Developing improvement strategies which can be implemented by the organization
  • Developing and executing enterprise branding
  • Maximizing diverse stakeholder relationships
  • Ensuring reciprocal Board-Management governance and roles

Our people have deep understanding and broad skills in:

Retail including automotive
Non-Profits and Charities
Social enterprises
B2B and B2C

PGI’s value proposition is built on a commitment to real change which drives real results, a dedication to client satisfaction, and the involvement of senior Founders at every stage of an assignment.