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About The Author

I love writing! Creating original worlds and characters to inhabit them is a rush. I also have discovered the joy of writing fanfiction, and like introducing my favorite characters to new scenarios. 

Generally for original stuff I write in the sci-fi, dystopian and post-apocalyptic genres. Though sometimes an urban fantasy or horror story gets told as well. Fanfiction pieces will be on whatever anime is currently my drug of choice. 

You can read all of my public works at

Your support will help me to continue creating creating and furthering my craft. 


About The Tower - Currently on Hiatus. 

The Tower is the most popular game show of all time. It has its own dedicated channel, and its own private island on which competitors train, make their runs, and ultimately live or die. Survivors are assured fame and fortune, however, those who fail to escape before the timer counts down perish in the collapse of the building. 

Sheryl Callaghan is the newest contestant, willing to risk her life after having lost everything in a tragic accident. She's trained, and she's ready to face both the physical and psychological demands of her individualized tower.

However, she soon learns that there is a shadow greater than death looming over the show. If she escapes will she be able to face the truth?
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At this level we can start looking into getting fic art, whether it's me buying pieces I need for renders, or commissioning artists for their own takesl.
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