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Thank you so much for helps, we can capture the beautiful sceneries of many regions in Japan with film camera. So you'll receive a lot of film photos, include closed photos as digital data every months. 




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About Photographer couple in Japan

Hi ! We are Yukiya & Yurika, photographer couple in Japan. We basically take photos of people, like couples, families, travelers. On the other hand, we take film photography as well to tell the natural beauty of each season in Japan. We really love to capture candid and story telling moments with beautiful Japan!

When we take photos with film camera, we have risks of loosing photo data. because it has no displays, we cannot review at that time, and we have to be careful the film not to be exposed to light. Though we sometimes loose all of the data in one film, we love this style of photo shooting! Because we focus on capturing the precious moments, we can express nostalgic, natural atmosphere, and we think it's more like "real photography" compare with digital photos.

Anyway, we love photography. We'd like to keep capturing many kinds of beauty in Japan. So we decided to create our accounts here. Thanks for your help, we'll make every effort to take beautiful photos of Japan as much as possible!
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When we reach $500 per month, We’ll create a special original video to introduce Japanese beauty especially Kyoto and Setouchi, film photography, and us.
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