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Thank you for being here and supporting this endeavor <3 This tier is mostly just an "I support the project" level. Most content is posted under the next level tiers.


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You get to see tomorrow´s Photographs today. In other words, I´ll be posting Photographs one day ahead of time on Patreon.

A giant Thank you and access to my Patreon activity stream, where i´ll post short reviews, as well as early information on new projects as they develop.
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For only 5$ you will get:

  • Exclusive access to my Patreon feed
  • Behind the scenes pictures and videos
  • Early peeks to what I am shooting and the final images before they get posted anywhere else.
  • Higher resolution images than the ones I post on my public sites.




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I am grateful to you both for consuming my work and for at least considering patronizing my work, and there are a few rewards that I am offering for your patronage. The best uses of my talents and abilities don't fit neatly into a paid job or business, and I wish to use my talents to the fullest.

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT ME? I have created this PATREON-Page on which you can support me. 

This is only one way to help. Sharing my Photographs on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere, telling about my Photographs are other ways if you can´t afford a dollar. But if you can, i hope you´ll consider backing me here. Thanks for helping me make a great Photograph.


Photography by KO is KONSTANTINOS OUZOUNIDIS - a passionate Landscape Photographer & Engineer. Originally i am from Greece, living in Stuttgart, Germany
$10 of $250 per month
Hitting the stretch goal would enable me to do things like:

"All Patrons get their names in the Hall of Fame"
- Creating Photography Tutorials
- Creating Behind the Scenes Footage
- One-Time Patron-only Video
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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