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All my local photo sets
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You will get all my local photos no matter where I take them in my home country. They are updated as I take them and you will have constant access to them. The quality is usually exceptional with the highest resolution possible.

Foreign and domestic photos
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You will get BOTH local and photos I take abroad. Full photo sets, highest resolution possible, best quality.

Portugal Photo Trip Help
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You get all photo sets, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC, but I will also add a little extra to show you my eternal gratitude. I will include all the photo sets of studio models that I shoot.

About PhotoMenace

Hey. Thanks for visiting my Patreon. If you are here you're probably as passionate about photography as I am, so we have that in common :). I love taking nature photos, people, street, sky and night sky. The thing I love most is when you guys enjoy my work so hope you will.
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First of all, welcome to my Patreon. This goal is towards a photo-shooting trip to Portugal. They have amazing scenery soooo attractive to me. I can only imagine the types of shots I could get there and would love to share with you
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