Tommaso Costa

is creating fine art and erotic photography
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About Tommaso Costa

I'm Tommaso, and I'm a photographer from Bologna, Italy.

What do I do?
I love when photography - and art in general - is challenging. I love being captured by those images and feeling the need to comprehend what I’m watching, instead of just looking at them. This is the kind of art I’m trying to do with my photography. I love sharing beauty, and with this Patreon I hope to reach even more people to show what my idea of “beauty” is.

Why should you give your support? 
Nowadays we browse, send and recive hundreds of images a day but we tend to forget that actually making those images require a lot of time, work and money.
I love to create beautiful photos and I love to share them. Your support would not only be a tangible sign of your appreciation but also a means for me to continue to improve, experiment, and make more beautiful art.

Your subscription will give you access to the full Patreon feed. Just this. Top tiers will have some benefit but the overall idea here is that I do not want to treat my photography as a comodity. My goal is to create beautiful photos for you to enjoy and - I hope - felling that need to comprehend.

For anything feel free to write me directly here, via mail at [email protected] or on Telegram at @bricktom.

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me!

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