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About Sean M Puckett

Hi! I'm Sean M Puckett.
I've been enchanted by light ever since I was a very small person looking at the sparkles of the winter sun reflecting off fresh snow. It's my earnest hope to create photographs that capture some of that enchantment and to share them with you both online and in the form of beautiful prints.

I use a wide variety of equipment. 
I tell my students "light doesn't care how much you spend on it" and that philosophy follows through everything I do. I use whatever camera, lights, studio equipment and printing methods I need. And I'm happy to share the details of my results-first research with you in technical Q&As, how-to workshops and behind-the-scenes info.

I make digital carbon prints. 
My current work in photography is primarily centered around exploring the possibilities of the digital carbon print. This is a process that uses home-blended carbon pigment ink to create exclusively black and white prints that are exceptionally detailed, lusciously smooth, rich in tone, and 100% archival. I talk more about this in my blog posts.

I photograph people, places and things. 
My typical subject matter is an equal mix of architecture, landscape, textural abstracts, figure studies, and thematic portraiture. My image style is typically formal, balanced and well composed, but with elements of discord that explore how carefully breaking rules is much more interesting than just blindly following them. I believe that true art is found in the borders between order and disorder, between right and wrong, and, of course, between light and dark.

I believe art is about sharing. 
Photography is never a solo art form no matter how some auteurs try to make it seem that way; like every other form of art it is truly a dialogue between artist and audience. Without an image, there's nothing to see, and without a viewer, there's no experience. We're partners -- each of us just as important as the other.

I need your support.
I want to travel more and photograph more people, places and things. I'd also like to upgrade my printing process, and become more sustainable as an artist by handling more of the bills. To help, you can purchase prints without becoming a patron in my public store. But, even better, you can support me and my artwork through Patreon -- and I have some exciting rewards for you if you do, including free prints!

Thank you.
Thanks for stopping by, and thanks even more for your support. 

P.S. visit my print store to see everything that's available right now!
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A bigger printer to hack up for my carbon print process. My current print size is limited to 8x10, but with this level of support I could finally do 11x17. Bigger beautiful prints, what's not to like?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts

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