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About Corey Ann

I am the creator behind Photo Stealers.  My name is Corey and I've been running the Photo Stealers blog since 2009.  

What IS Photo Stealers?

Photo Stealers is a blog where I list photographers, no, "faux"tographers, who steal images from the internet and present them to the world as their own original works of art.    

But Why?

The short answer is because many other methods don't work with stopping these photographers.  Asking for the images to be removed often falls on deaf ears.  DMCA's are often tricky to sort out and file.  Going through the legal system is costly and ineffective.  It also burns clients and leaves them less likely to invest in professional photography again.  

Why Patreon?

Google Ads and ads in general isn't really what my vision is for Photo Stealers.  They are also something that past thieves have manipulated so I'm not making much, if any, money from ads at the moment (about $20 a month currently).  I also hate the look of ads to be honest.  The money from the Patreon will go towards maintaining the website, expanding the community to continue to fight against fauxtographers and to help with the ongoing legal counsel I need.


I am a full-time wedding photographer and that will always be my main priority.  I'm not looking to make money off of Photo Stealers but mostly use the money to broaden beyond the blog and get more education and help where it needs to be at.   

However, if something were to light up and I would start making more than costs with the website I am considering branching out into a podcast where I would tell the story of one thief.  I've had some epic doozies in the past 10 years and some are just good stories to tell, many of those stories go way beyond what I've posted.   Yes, everyone has a podcast but I think I have enough material to make one entertaining.  However they are time consuming and it may not be anything anyone is interested in.  

I've also considered doing some kind of consulting for people who have had work stolen or want to keep tabs on where their work is landing.  There's sites out there that do this but they fall woefully short.  
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